Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dog days.


Katie loves when Ginny cuddles with her.
Ginny is growing up and learning self control.  She will still run away if she has the chance...run, run, run.  She follows Patrick around the house which drives him nuts.  When we get up, she gets up.  She likes a car ride and a walk and a visit to the dog park.  She thinks it's very fun to run upstairs to find the cat.  We do keep a gate in from of the steps but she wiggles by sometimes.  Katie begs to sleep with Ginny. We let them try it once and it actually was fine.  But I feel better with Ginny in her crate in the family room.  She is pretty smart and when she is not too distracted she does her tricks very nicely.
She sleeps a lot and eats a little.


I think we love her.



Puck and a fairy in A Midsummer Nights Dream




Such an endearing pup

Life is good.

Encourage one another,
Donna and Katie and Ginny


  1. Ginny is such a pretty dog. I love, love, love those costumes!

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Oh, such pretty costumes and make-up! And Ginny is such a pretty dog. Labs are just so lovable.

    Sarah P. from Iowa

    MY CHANGE OF LIFE BABY , PIE IS TOO CUTE. Ahhh she is blind but she is amazing! Another little black kitty in my life.....I talked Fireman into it...for my upcoming birthday. SOme women wants gems, I want kittens.

  4. Anonymous10:21 AM

    A girl needs her dog. Let them sleep together. Loosen up!!

  5. A mom needs her sleep.
    Katie has ALL day to hang with GinGin.

    1. Agreed!! We have two dogs and the kids would love to sleep with them - but the routine of the crates is MUCH better for me, for the dogs, and for my kids!

    2. It's hard to go back to crates after the comfy-ness of quilts and pillows. Better stick to the crate. It could be a birthday tradition!

  6. Sonjasunshine11:05 AM

    Love the pics of Ginny. What a sweetie pie! Gives "dog days" a happy connotation. If you ever get tired of her, just send her to Alabama! My golden retriever is just one of my kids. And she behaves about as well. ;-)

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    So glad Katie and Ginny Potter are dear friends. In our house, Lilly Potter is missing her human sister something terrible. She was okay the first week or so, but by 10 days in she became very mopey. :(

    And life IS good!!

    Mary Z

  8. How are you doing Mary?

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      I've kept busy, but I'm probably a little mopey, too. Molly brings so much fun and energy to our home, so there's a definite void. But by following her team's blog, we've been able to read posts and see pictures each evening of what they're up to so I know she's having the time of her life. She's a good kid and worked hard to save money for the trip, so I'm very happy she was able to have this experience. And only five more days until I get to hug her!!! Mary Z

    2. What a fantastic trip for Molly - hope the next 5 days are lovely ones for you, Mary Z!

  9. Amy J in WI12:44 PM

    Ginny is a good dog! We still crate our dogs at night too. They like it (security), we like it; it is a win-win.

    We are pretty low key around here this week. This hot weather just zaps you of any energy.

  10. LOVE these photos of Ginny. As you know, I am a total mush for dogs.

    Enjoy every last stinkin' bit of having Ginny. She's a doodle, and so pretty.


    hugging dogs is very therapeutic you know :-)

  11. Janice3:45 PM


    I must be getting soft in my old age because I think you should let Ginny sleep with Katie. What if they kept the door shut so Ginny wouldn't get out? 1 dog and 2 cats sleep with me...certifiable.....

  12. Ginny would get up and chew on things.

  13. Those costumes are amazing! They are lovely. I liked seeing their pictures from a couple posts ago too. I never had a childhood friend like that- what a blessing that will be to both of them as the years pass.

    I personally cannot fathom the idea of a dog in bed. I'm not an animal lover in general, but dog hair in bed would put me over the edge. Ew.

  14. Where's the LIKE button? :-) Sweetness!!

  15. I love that last picture of Ginny. The poster dog for comfy. Our dog does the legs sticking out thing when she lies down...it never fails to make me laugh.

    I am sure Ginny is loving having Katie around during the day.


  16. as usually, Katie is a real beautiful girl and she'll become a wonderful woman !
    i like the last pic of Ginny :D

  17. I want to come back as a dog in YOUR house .... P*L*E*A*S*E !!!!

  18. Life is good.
    I think we need a dog.
    Or a baby.
    I am really pushing for the baby. Next week will be our 6th anniversary. 6 years without a baby. Sometimes I think I can not bear it.
    Other times I am too busy with Naji and Bria and Kaish to even think of it.
    : (


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