Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear me.

I have nothing to talk about today that I want to share.
I don't want to share it because I am a broken record on this topic and I can
imagine everybody rolling their eyes.

But since I started the Fat Flush yesterday, all I can think about is
cranwater and protein and whether or not I am going to get a headache from
not having caffeine.


That's what is going on in my head.
I am obsessing about what and how much to eat of this or that.

I don't even want to be thinking about it, so I am sure you don't either.

It's times like this that the quiet life is too quiet.

This is all I've got....

Katie slipped in cat puke this morning as we were leaving for school.

I did not think about cranwater then.

In a start up daze,

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