Tuesday, June 05, 2018

What are Katie's college plans?

Katie graduates from high school this Sunday.  She is ready to be done.  She has tried her very best in her high school years.  We are so proud of her.

Katie took three AP classes( which she passed and scored well), scored in the upper 20's for her ACT, was one of six Verona representatives for Leadership Madison, participated in MUN (and worked super hard), she has a 3.8 GPA, took college French for her 4th year and got an A, she has volunteered for charities and for in the theater.

I am not telling you this to brag.
I am telling you this because all of this was not good enough to get in to the colleges she wanted to go to.

She was rejected by all of the selective schools she applied to.
She applied to these schools because of their curriculum, diversity, international flare and cost.
(100% need based aide).

She applied to the University of Wisconsin.  She was wait listed.

She applied to two other schools, one here in town and one in Minnesota.
She was accepted by these two schools.  But the local school would still cost 20,000 while living at home, and the Minnesota school was a last minute idea...and her heart was not into it.

So four years of doing everything she could do to get into college...a college she could afford,
was for naught.

She is planning on taking a gap year and trying to figure out what to do next.
She is interested in traveling, volunteering, working and learning.

She is positive and hopeful.

I am not taking it so well.  I am sad for her and it is the thing I mull over at 4:00 am when I wake up.

I am trying to believe that this is for the best.

I'm not sure how long I will leave this up.  I'm not sure Katie would approve.
This is the best I can do. Can't add less details without being terribly vague.

Katie is not interested in most of my suggestions.
I really don't like having this big open space in her life.
But it's not my life and I will keep loving her and encouraging her, when she will listen.

But this weekend will be a big blast because Emma and James and Matthew and Melinda are coming to town to celebrate with Katie.  We will have a house full of love and children and I just can not wait.

Patrick and Shelby and Dottie are doing great!!

My baby.
Our Quiet Life baby.
High school graduate.
We are incredibly proud of the young lady she is.

All will be well.



Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Worst Blogger in the world.

So yeah.
It's me.

Harry and Meghan were married and it was absolutely fabulous.
I was there for every second.  Up at 3:00am.
I watched PBS/BBC and taped CBS.
I oohed and aahed and shed a few tears.  (Is there a way to spell those words?)

I had a little text group.
The gals who were awake.
Di, Cheryl, Cindy, Janet, Janice and Mary Z.

It was everything!

And then around three in the afternoon came a text from Patrick Jr.
Shelby's water had broken.  Shelby was in labor. She was 39 weeks along.
So NOW the baby wait was ON!

This day just went from exciting to real life,  heart in my throat exciting.
This precious, long awaited, baby.  Everything had to be okay.
Everything looked okay.  But, everything had to be okay.

At about eight o'clock our time Patrick told me that Shelby was at 8cm.
Melinda assured me that Shelby would probably deliver by midnight, 2 am our time.
I went to bed at 11:30 and left the phone on so I would hear texts come in.
Remember I had been up since 3:00am.

The phone kept making noises and I kept checking it.

At 1:00am.  I had to turn it off.
I had to sleep.

At 1:52 I woke up again.
Looked at the phone.

"It's a girl", read the text.  (1:29am)

I did not know if Patrick could text back and forth at this point....
but I asked one question.


and the answer came back,


Patrick and I chatted for quite a while.
Lots of pushing.  Everyone is well.

This healthy, happy baby girl is named, Dottie.

Not short for anything.

Dottie Azalea.

A flower in remembrance of Poppy.  Dottie's big sister in heaven.

Patrick's and Shelby's little girl born on Harry and Meghan's wedding day.

(You can be sure I have ordered a little something from England to commemorate the sharing of this date.)

So here are some pictures.

Baby Boucher.

Dottie is very alert and her parents love to hold her.
Shelby is doing great.
Patrick feels lucky.
We are delighted and thankful and longing to meet little Dottie.

Oh my gosh.  Why is California so far away?


And as for Meghan and Harry.

Dottie's birthday!

Beautiful Bride in the carriage.

The veil was perfection.  It was embroidered with fifty-some flowers....including some poppies for California.

Oh my.

Walking to church.
So British.  
I love the walking to church.

and love.

Dearest, loveliest Dottie.

I love you honey.

Friday, May 18, 2018

What will Meghan wear???

Oh my goodness...I am so excited for the big wedding tomorrow.

I'm glad I can share my joy here....in my real life...I am all alone!


Except a guy I just met at Target.  We had a nice long convo about the dress and Harry's facial hair and which channel to watch....


I think Harry will not shave.  Even tho he is required to shave while wearing a uniform.
I expect he will wear a uniform.  BUT.  I do not think he will shave.

I hope Meghan wears a small tiara.  My guess is the one Diana wore for her wedding.
Kate's tiara was very small but I feel it is too soon to wear the same one.

I have chosen some dresses that I just feel seem like Meghan's style.
I chose dresses with sleeves and not too low of a neckline.

We shall see tomorrow morning...Bright and Early if she wears something like I imagine.

Beautiful bride.

I'd love to see her hair like this.

I think she needs volume in the skirt but Windsor is really NOT that wide and spacious...
so....maybe not.

I like this pretty top.  Does she want a little lace?

I love this dress. 
Please wear this dress.
And do your hair like this too.

Beautiful sleeves.

I feel like Meghan will wear something structured.  But this structured?

This would be absolutely fabulous!!!  I don't care if it does not have sleeves.  Nice gloves would be cool.  A little Audrey Hepburn. 

How I wish I was a stylist.  
Do you think it's too late to pursue this line of work?

Who will be awake and watching it live with me?

God Save the Queen.

Royal Watcher in Residence.
Miz Booshay

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Met Gala 2018

Last night was the annual Met Gala.  The theme this year was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Church.  The Vatican actually sent pieces of art and clothing to the Met in New York to use for the exhibition.  I was excited to see what the designers came up with to express this theme in their creations.

I thought it was amazing.

If you look closely you can see Blake's head dress.   Many women wore crowns and "rays" of light.
Stunning bodice.

I thought you might like to see Mary Kate and Ashely.

I think Madonna looks like a Spanish Queen.  I do love her head piece.
This theme was made for her.
Like a Prayer.

Many liked this dress. 
I liked the colorful cross.

Who are you?
Your dress is fabulous.

I wondered if any one would do the black with a little red like the french priests....
Glad Hugh took the chance.  I like it.  Subtle and smart.

I love your crown Mindy.

There were three or four Joan of Arc inspired gowns.
This was by far the most subtle and perfect one.

Spectacular head piece.

Yes, it's the Sistine Chapel.  It's just glorious.

Her hat is the nativity.  
Can't say she is not on theme.

Greta is one of the few to wear something so Nun-y.
I love it.
Edgy Nun-y.

Some one had to be an angel.

I honestly do not know what this is supposed to represent.  But guess what?
I like it and find it very interesting.

Some one had to be the pope.

This is perhaps my favorite look of the night.  Nun-y but very new.
So young and interesting and on theme.

She just looks ethereal.

This is lovely too.
Ethereal in cardinal red. 

Amal Clooney was a chair of the show.  Do you think her roses represent Mother Mary?


My very favorite head piece.

What an amazing red carpet!
Miz Boo

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gratitude and Thanks.

Last week I asked for help in finding and getting in to see a neurologist for Emma.
Within minutes of that request Crissy (WTM, QLCS friend) wrote me.  She reached out to her cousin who is a NP in Missouri.  Kay immediately responded and sent a name and some excellent information for Emma.
Friday Emma tried to contact the Dr. but he doesn't work on Friday.
On Monday, Emma texted me to say she made an appointment for May 2.

We are thrilled with the quick appointment and Emma looks forward to meeting the Dr.
(He notes on his bio page that his son has been in the Scripps spelling bee three times!)

We are grateful to Crissy for reaching out to her cousin...and so thankful that Kay was able to steer us in the right direction.  Love you friend.



Thursday, April 19, 2018

Captured moments

The girls had a bachelorette party on Thursday night.
Aren't these Instamax pictures great!?

Carolyn and Emma 
great friends and room mates.

Melinda and Emma

These precious girls are Janet's daughters!  
I'm so thankful they were there!  


Rehearsal dinner.  Gino's East pizza. 
So delicious and casual!
Hi Patrick.  Hi Paulie.

phone snap of Emma's very pretty dress

Carolyn and Emma bring their neighbors from their apartments to church each week.
Tyrone is a great friend of theirs.

A very nice look at Emma's beautiful bouquet.

I was able to take a few pictures of Lorelei and her special cousin Poppy.
James picked out their sparkly shoes!!!

Boucher girls

Thank you Erin for sending me this fun picture and for doing Emma's makeup.
It was perfect for her.
Pictured; Carolyn and Whitney. 

I have a video or two I'm trying to upload.
I'll keep trying.

Emma and James are settling in, in Missouri.
If you have any pointers on how to get a specialist to return your calls,
please let me know.  Emma is trying to met with a neurologist in Columbia and can not get anyone to return a phone call.

It's important that she get in.
If you don't have any pointers, we would love prayers.

Donna Elsie