Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Just a little photoshoot.

On Saturday Patrick, Katie and I went to Chicago to meet Emma's honey James.
We had not met him yet and really wanted to meet this man who had completely won Emma's heart.
We ate at Fork in Lincoln Square and talked and told stories and started getting to know James.
I brought my camera along because I wanted to take some couple pictures.  Emma shared with me how much they cared about one another....and well.... I wanted pictures!

A little American Gothic pose.

The essence of James.

We stood in a very chilly spot under the "L".
The light was definitely not 'right'.

But the way James looks at Emma....
Something special there....

They turned out so nice...
And by the way.  We were all freezing. 
They are not complainers.  Like me.
But I spotted some honest to goodness chattering teeth.


 Where you going James?

Oh my gosh!

a proposal

At this point....I positioned myself as a photographer...
And tried my hardest.  Now I am not mom...
I am photographer ....  wanting to record this surprise, this amazing moment.
I only spoke once.....

I said. 
Go slow.

Oh and I said one more thing....
Did you say 'yes'?

Because all I could hear was clicking.
And that's okay.

I was honored to be there to see this amazing, precious moment...
but I also wanted them to have their private moment too.

So when they started to hug and kiss and whisper to one another....
I turned to the side and gave them a moment.

A perfect surprise proposal.

Emma and James have only known one another for a short time...
But they fell in love very quickly.  
For sure it was interest at first sight...
and very possibly love at first date.

Patrick and I have total peace about Emma and James.
Emma has never been happier and so sure.
James' parents say the same of him.

James lives in Missouri and grew up with Cindy's sons.  Cindy has know Jimmy since he was very young.  She loves him like a son.  Having this sweet connection is reassuring in a way. 
You can only imagine how excited and delighted Cindy is!!!

I have no doubt that James will fit into our family is a great way and these two are going to have a wonderful life together.

For as long as they both shall live.

With love and joy,

Favorite parts.
The kisses.
The hands.
The head touches.
The hand touches.
The leaning.
How they look at one another.

The Stats.
Seven degrees
Lincoln Square, Chicago