Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I'm still here.

So much has been going on...and I am so tired that when I walk in the door all I can do is sit on the couch.
And I forget to post on the blog.

I can add photos to Instagram and Facebook and tweet out stupid things on Twitter from said couch.

But I know it's not the same as the blog.

Katie's visit to Wesleyan was perfect.  She loved the campus. She liked the other students she met on the tour.  Her interview went great! It was a fantastic experience.

She loved staying with Christine and Delaney and Emma and their doggies!
My nephew Peter drove Katie to Wesleyan for her interview and my brother Jim and his wife Tilde came in for a very nice dinner!  She was so loved and taken care was a very special thing.

All the flights went were on time and all connections were made.

To be honest this was my only worry.

When Patrick was 17 he flew to Philadelphia by himself to try out for Jeopardy,  his plane was cancelled in Detroit on the way home.  This was before cell phones.  So he called collect from a phone booth in Detroit with the news.
He managed to get a hotel room and a flight the following day.
What a fright.  I didn't want this to happen to Katie.

Her first solo trip was fantastic thanks to wonderful family and traveling mercies.


Then a few weeks ago my brother-in-law Paulie was given a great honor by the Marinette Wi fire department!  He became an Honorary Fireman!

Paulie started going to the fire dept when he was a little guy.
He has been going for over 50 years!  He loves the men at the fire dept.
He loves the Coke machine.  To this day, when Paulie goes out of town...he calls the men and lets them know he will be out of service.

We are so proud of Paul and we are so proud of the Marinette Fire Dept.

Paul was given a real helmet!  It was super exciting!

He signed the wall with all the other firefighters.

And then.

He got to pick a what truck he wanted to ride home on!!!

Proud.  Happy. Paul.

Summer is flying by.
I have done my final photoshoot. 
We chased the Blue Angels around Chicago.
And we have a few more tricks up our sleeve before Sept arrives.

But I'll tell you about the pics and the planes...

next time.

love you
mean it

donna elsie


  1. Thanks, Donna! How exciting for Katie! So shocking how quickly they grow up. Very sweet about your brother-in-law! Hope you are well. Love you, too. Mean it. Miss you, my virtual friend.

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Oh, Donna, I feel that "sit on the couch" in my bones when you mention it. I have been sent to an endocrinologist because my doctor says "you aren't that old," but every one of my friends is feeling the same thing - our get up and go just got up and went.

    How wonderful that Katie had such a great trip! I am still (not-so) privately mourning that my youngest does not want to go to college at all. I have become OK with it, but mostly because in my head I think he just needs a few more years to mature and that he will go later. I am 100% sure that trying to have him go before he is ready is a recipe for lost money and frustration.

    Your fire station story is so sweet, thanks for sharing that. Tricks up your sleeve before September! I can't wait to find out what you are up to.


  3. Amy J in WI2:15 PM

    Great to get an update. I loved reading about Paul! Very sweet. And I am sure Katie will rock those college apps. Hard to believe our girls are preparing to head out. Wasn't it just yesterday they were playing "cats"?

  4. A blog post here is always a welcome gift!! Such a sweet story about Paulie. Hope Katie has a fabulous senior year! Molly starts her senior year at Marquette. Time is flying by!!

  5. Instagram is nice, but nothing beats a blog post! Katie's trip and Paul's sweet Honorary Fireman ceremony are both such blessings. I'm glad everything went well for Katie. I've never ever flown. :0/

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Dear Donna,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to post. I think I've mentioned before that your blog has been a source of peace and quiet for me-- you grateful reflections and honest life experiences and your fashion reviews(!)-- all somehow are a sweet balm to my soul. Just wanted you to know that your blog has made a difference.... thank you

  7. The fire truck pictures with Paul are wonderful. How special. God bless that department and God bless Paul.


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