Monday, January 07, 2019

Golden Globes Red Carpet 2019

Oh how I love a red carpet!  
The show was fine.  Most of my favorites did not win. But I have a nice long list of movies I'm excited to see!  I learned about Downton Abbey by watching the Golden Globes so I am grateful to them for that!!!

The big talk was about A Star is Born.
I saw it but when you have loved a movie since your teens, it's impossible to love another more.
I can't tell you how many times I watched the movie and listened to the album.

That being said, Lady Gaga was endearing and spectacular last night!!

Gorgeous Valentino gown.  And that Tiffany necklace! Holy Cow!

Maya Rudolph was on the worst list....but I loved her dress.  

Julia Roberts was amazing.  I love this.  She looks gorgeous and happy and stands out in this unusual outfit.

Constance Wu wore a lovely Vera Wang dress.  That see thru corset was worn by about five ladies.
I do not like it and wish it was solid and not see thru.  It's just not attractive to me BUT
the color of the dress and bow and the shape and fabric made me love it despite that top.
Constance! You forgot your shirt!

The two tone ensemble was popular and apparently I liked it :o)
This dress is perfect and he jewelry is gorge!

I like delicate shoes.

Well....I picked this because I loved it love on the carpet...but this picture makes the skirt look way too long and strange.  I do love the blue, black and white.  Still choose it...and love pockets.

This was my favorite red dress of the night.  I love the interesting texture.

Dakota Fanning wears Armani Prive.  Those bows on the back are just the kind of detail that makes me squeal with glee! She looks glorious from the front; that necklace, that perfectly fitting bodice, that icy blue color.  Her makeup is elegant and perfect too.
But with all of look the turn to show off those delicate bows to seal the deal....
best dressed.

The Red Carpet Season is here....

Which dresses did you like best?

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  1. Love the recap! My favorite dresses were Kristen Bell’s and Rachel Broshnahan’s. Fave moments: speeches by Jeff Bridges and Carol Burnett. :)

    1. I wanted to love Kristens dress... needed more color and Rachel needed less!!
      Jeff seemed high. But I loved most of his speech! Tag!

  2. I didn't watch much, I was making breakfast burritos in the kitchen, but Shelby mentioned Lady Gaga's dress to me. Actually pretty normal by her standards. I've always liked her, she's great.

    1. Are you selling burritos again? Side hustle?

    2. just sold a few this week, business is down a little because people are doing new years resolutions trying to "be healthy"

  3. I don't have the opportunity to watch, so I love your post even more! I agree with your pics, minus the corset dress! :-)

    I saw a few photos on NPR, and really liked Jamie Lee Curtis's look. Very snazzy.

    I need to find Carol Burnett on youtube; she's a favorite.

    Thanks again!

  4. P.S. I had the Evergreen Soundtrack and played that album to pieces! That movie was fabulous. At least I thought so, then!

  5. I loved Julia Roberts. I'm with you about the corsets, though. An evening dress with a bra on top just doesn't cut it with me. I liked Lady Gaga's dress. Have you seen the comparison to Judy Garland's dress? <3

    I haven't seen A Star is Born yet. Kris and Barbra forever have my heart. I have that album and it's a wonder the grooves haven't worn through on it. I recently let Ethan watch it with me and Mercy! I remember my mama took me to see it in the theater and being so embarrassed. (I was 13 at the time.) I was prepared to fast forward through those parts. But I forgot about all the language and drugs and...I think I erased all those things in my memory and only remember the songs and love story. So a lot of fast forwarding was going on! (There's also an ongoing joke about movie choices for Ethan. Donnie thought he could show him Gran Torino. He quickly remembered during the first five seconds that that was a bad idea. Now my Star is Born movie gets lumped into the "bad for teenager movies we thought Ethan could watch" category. Anyway, I will see the new movie. One day.

  6. Hilarious!! Happens here all the time!!


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