Saturday, August 10, 2019

My favorite Pioneer Woman recipes

How I love Facebook memories.

This time year I vacationed a lot! We visited, Chicago in August and Oklahoma and went to see Cheryl in Rhode Island.  Oh yes, today there were pictures of me and the girls with Cindy in Wausau!

It's just the best fun!

Here is a funny comment from ten years ago.


This was before Ree wrote her first cookbook. :o)
That's pretty wild!  

The other day I wrote down my favorite Pioneer Woman recipes.
Recipes I have made more than once....and thought were delicious.

Here is my list.


I pretty much only cook steak like this. 
We love them.  Everyone who tries them loves them.
Patrick eats them with ketchup and Katie and I like them with béarnaise sauce because we are fancy.


I love this simple, delicious recipe.  I am the only one who eats it so I have to save it for company.
Once I brought food for a friend who had surgery.
I brought her Olive Cheese Bread and Chicken Spaghetti.
She was very happy :o)

I wish I had this right now.


I love this recipe because it is like lasagne but it is not lasagne.
You know how lasagne is so yummy and easy to bring as a 'caserole'?  
Well, Chicken Spaghetti steps in when you are afraid your guests have had enough lasagne.
I buy a roasted Chicken to make it easier.


This is the best ever. 
I do not make it often because it is hard to do.
It's a little too hard for the Easy Chef (me) but the taste is perfect.
I made it for a big gathering at my house and really everyone raved.  
But I was sweaty and worn out.


with the spicy pickles

Easy and different and delicious.


The herbs and flavors in this dish are fantastic!!!
In fact I try to use similar herbs and spices when I make Chicken Pot Pie.
Ree makes corn meal dumplings but I make plain old flour ones. 
This is so good even Katie will eat this with me.  She leaves the vegetables in the bottom of her bowl, and then I eat them.

This is also a time consuming dish to make BUT in the winter I am more likely to...slave over the stove!

I wonder whose handprint that is???


Easy and perfect.  We all love this.
I made it with my whipped Red Cake frosting once and made Ding Dongs.


This is the French Silk pie, not the pudding one.
Katie loves it so much she chooses this for her birthday and for pie day!

Oh lordy,
It took me two house to find that picture!!!
Technology is wonderful and awful isn't it?

Encourage one another,

What is your best easiest recipe???

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