Tuesday, January 28, 2020

day late, yada yada

The SAG awards were a week or so ago.  
My favorites (actors and actresses and shows) have not been winning...except Brad Pitt...and Jen Aniston.  
They both won and they had a moment.....
the universe swooned.

I enjoyed many of the dresses that evening.

Zoe Kravitz once again looking very 50's and elegant and lovely.

I saw many comments about the voluminous dresses that evening.
Most ridiculed.
I love them.

Jen Aniston channeling Jean Harlo in this slinky dress.
She has been winning awards for her performance in The Morning Show on Apple TV and she deserves every trophy she gets!!!  

The Pink Dress. 

Hey!  The book, The Pink Dress, is now available in paper back.
It's not as great as Seventeenth Summer but I'm enjoying reading it again.
I last read it in the 8th grade.  All I remembered about the book was that I liked it.

Oh!  Isn't she pretty!?!

Stevie from Schitt's Creek looking just stunning.

One of my favorite silhouettes :o)
I love the colors too....
but something about the fabric looks thick....

Another pretty pink dress.
I like her lipstick and her hair too!

I love this unique plaid, chiffon dress!
What can I say, I've been living in Wisconsin for a long time.

And her hair makes me feel better about mine.  hehe

And just for fun....

Everyone should aspire to wear a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown like Meghan wore last year.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
Two weeks until the Oscars!



  1. 1. Jennifer Aniston - whom I truly adore - needs.to.make.use.of.band.aids. UGH.
    2. I watched the Pilot of Schitt's Creek last night. I think I love it. I can quote all of Levy's movies by heart so I'm going to enjoy this.
    3. The amount of Cleveland on some of these dresses - that pull all the bits to the side - just boggle the mind. I have so many questions. :)
    4. I'm really glad, as you and I discussed, that you ignore the Grammy red carpet. I was scandalized many times over by what I saw there.
    5. Love you! Mean it!

  2. 1. That is Jen's signature look. Have you SEEN Friends? haha
    2. I'm so very happy you are finally watching Schitts Creek. It truly gets better every year. And sweeter. And let me know when you see the Billboard episode. It's the funniest thing I have ever seen.
    3. Yes. I understand. I don't mind the flat girls showing their chests.I love that Vee shape.
    4. Love you! Mean it!
    Donna Elsie

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    1. I didn't know how I felt about that either. What in the world!
    2. Zoe was stunning. That is a perfect dress!
    3. I don't mind the volume of that 3rd dress at all, but why on earth would you expose that much chest? Am I too old? That just baffles my mind. Why? Why? Why.
    4. I just did numbers because I wanted to be cool like Steph! : )
    I hope you are having a happy, happy week! I will come to instagram to see if you have any new stories. Sending lots of love! Becky

    1. BECKY OH MY GOSH I MISS YOU. I have bowed out of most social media so I've lost track of some people I adore! HOW ARE YOU!?!?!?

  4. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Your comments about the plaid chiffon dress totally made me laugh! But honestly, I like it. And hey, her chest is covered. My favorite is The Pink Dress. So lovely and feminine. I've never heard of that book- will have to look it up. I was obsessed Seventeenth Summer as a teen and read it more than once.

    Debbie Z.


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