Saturday, February 15, 2020

We all have invisible wheelchairs...Katherine Wolf

I stumbled upon Katherine Wolf's Instagram this week and I read and watched all I could find....
She is an incredibly inspiring woman...and her husband is wonderful too.
I have not read much about suffering since my many years listening to Elisabeth Elliot in the 90's.

This short movie tells Katherine and Jay's story.

"we all have invisible wheelchairs inside us"

God bless this amazing faith-filled family

Encourage one another,


  1. She is absolutely incredible. Joni Eareackson Tada kind of faith and faithfulness. Heroic. So glad you found her - she's a great friend to lots of my friends so I'm calling her a friend I haven't met yet. :) Love you! Mean it!

  2. Did you happen to find her through Lindsay Sherbondy's Instagram? I've been following them since their daughter Eva Love suffered a TBI last fall. A devastating injury but she survived against all odds and is now home with a severe disability and uncertain future. But - miraculous changes all the time.

    1. Yes. I live near Lindsay and have met her in person. I have followed and prayed for Eva and their family daily. I sobbed when she shared that she spoke with Katherine after Eva's fall. How amazing they have connected....and now I get to be inspired by Katherine too.

  3. Like you, I took a long wander through Katherine's Instagram, prompted by your mention on FB - amazed by what I was seeing. Thanks, Donna, for shining a light on this family, and their strong example of faith and courage.

  4. Beautiful story!! Thanks for finding and sharing such a gem, dear Donna. xo

  5. I am reading Hoda Kotb's new book: I Really Needed This Today from our public library. The book is set up with quotes that have meaning for Hoda and she wrote a half to full page story to go along with each quote. One quote is by Beth Moore: "I am better off healed than I ever was unbroken." Hoda wrote: "Scars mean we've healed, that we've grown stronger. They are the very thing that cuts through the BS regarding what matters in life and who we want to share it with. Don't you think it's our scars that connect us?" Katherine's life story and her quote about us all having wheelchairs is another connecting thought. Thanks Donna for sharing. Praying for Katherine and her family. Love and prayers, jep


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