Saturday, January 23, 2021

Add to the beauty...

Yesterday I was at the local grocery store...these beautiful cheeses caught my eye.
Super cute packaging!!

I saw this amazing kitchen on Zig and Company on Instagram.
That scaloped hood!! Those wonderful colors!!!  LOVE at first sight.


The lantern and the life jacket have my name on them!!!


If you are not on twitter or other social media you will not know that the funniest meme of the century was Bernie and his Mittens.  Bernie was sitting alone in the stands at the inauguration and he looked a bit lonely and forlorn and cold.  So clever people photoshopped Bernie into a million funny places.
I loved this one of course.  He is also doing the Lambeau Leap in one of the memes I saw.
People are funny.  I like that about people.


Yesterday I was on Facetime with Emma and River.
River hadn't napped and Emma said she was feeling tired.
I suggested River just play in her crib so Emma could lie down too.
I started to sing to River.


Stay Awake from Mary Poppins

Even tho I did not expect it...
River hugged her baby and laid her head down.
Popped up.
And laid down again.

That song IS pretty magical.
Worked for Mary Poppins and apparently worked for YaYa.

River slept.
Emma did not.

Facetime has been a real blessing to me.

Encourage one another,
Donna Elsie



  1. Love the singing Yaya story! And yay for FaceTime! How would we survive the pandemic without it?

  2. Sweet story about singing River to sleep. I love those pure, bright colors too. Glad Facetime is there for you!

  3. Emmi is a legit Swiss brand but I usually see the name associated with yogurt, here. Raw milk? Very interesting. The label is cute!

    How sweet to have facetime to be able to sing songs, and to see darling River, and she see you ❤


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