Thursday, November 04, 2010


When I am with her, I don't really realize how beautiful her skin is....but it really is gorgeous.
Her hair and her eyes, these are the first things you notice....and her spunky personality.

She's the kind of four year old who helps coach the volleyball team,
and carries all the balls in a sack over her shoulder.



When I take Katie to school in the morning the sun is rising. It is the most lovely time of day.
I Oo and Ah the whole way to school, pointing out the colors to Katie.

It is fleeting. Really. By the time I drop her off and head back home the colors have lightened, the sun has risen.
Twenty minutes of pink tinged, orange streaked skies a day.

I'll take it.

I'll remember it.

I'll treasure it.


My friend Karen L. knit this darling hat for Asher.


Perfect for a snooze....

Karen, would you please share which pattern you used and the yarn?
Is it self striping? I love self striping yarn.

I need to make a few of these hats.

I feel some snowflakes coming on.

Wishing you warm memories and beautiful sunrises on this November day.

Encourage one another,

p.s. Anyone watching Survivor?
p.p.s. How do you write Oo? I don't what to say Oh. I want to say Oo.

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