Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank you for your wonderful advice about swimmers ear and how to take a pill.

Katie practiced with M & M's yesterday (since we didn't have any tic tacs in the house).
I tried to get her to take a pill with some bread and that ended with gagging. So she has to endure the pain.

We will keep trying. You have given me a great method and we are gonna succeed. I just know it.

The Dr. gave her ear drops and Amoxicilin.

This afternoon I will be driving Katie to camp near the Illinois border. Emma was invited to this camp by a woman at church in Chicago. It is a Salvation Army camp and it was started to bless the children from the city. Emma is going as a helper and Katie is coming along for some FUN! It really should be a fun nice to have the girls going together...I never imagined that they would go to camp together :o)

I hope Emma can help Katie with her medicine.
This is Katie's first medicine in her life. The pharmacy didn't have a record of her. How about that!


A small gathering of photos from the last week...

DSC_4628-4 copy



sweet senior!!


hotel light....


me and janet...



Adorable mommy and precious boy!


Great idea Sarah!

My camera and I have had a busy week :o)

I will share more of Laina's shoot and darling M. on the blog soon!


Better go get Katie packed....she has been packing for herself..and know that does not always work out quite right...

Happy weekending!!

Encourage one another,

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