Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The last 24 hours have been interesting.

I can't smell this. Not one bit. #vicks #stuffy

I caught a doozy of a cold.
I have absolutely no sense of smell or taste.
You know how strong Vicks is.....

Not a thing.

I took this picture from my facebook wall.  It was on NBC 15's wall.

And then a tornado skipped past our house and hit the neighborhood school and numerous houses.

We live ten houses away from a house with the roof ripped off.
Our large tree did not drop a leaf.

We did go to the basement and went without power until 3:00am.

I was shocked to learn the damage was just down the street.  My night owl FB friends filled me in on what was happening just outside my door.

The face of pneumonia. #walking #littlehoney

This morning I decided to take Katie to the Dr. for the third time.  I have never done this before.  I felt really dumb going in again.

The Dr. said.  I'm glad you brought her in.

Her lungs are 'crackling'.

What does that mean?


The walking sort.

We will try another drug.
If that does not work he said to come back in on Monday.

How was your night?

Love ya,


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I just sat down between loads of laundry. : ) Mercy! You do have a lot going on up there. So scary! I'm happy you are all safe and that you took Katie back to the doctor. Making those doctor appts. can be hard for me. I dread it. I bet you're glad you took her in!
    We had storms last night, but no tornadoes. It woke us up around 2:30 am and we checked our phones. No warnings so we went back to sleep. : P Aren't they predicting more storms for tomorrow night? I hate when it storms during the night.
    Prayers for you and Katie!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. Wow,what a photo - poor school. I am glad it was morning here, and I saw Steph's shout out to you ... glad to add my prayers. Speaking of prayers, continuing prayers on behalf of Katie. Bless her.

    Donna, sleep as much possible!! And lots of tea.

  3. I am so glad that you are all safe. School is out for the summer there - right? Because if that storm had happened during school hours with children in the building that would have been just terrible.
    I get pneumonia all the time - due to severe asthma - so I know how poor Katie must be feeling. I hope she is on the mend soon…..

  4. The mercies of the Lord are new every morning...

    I'm filled with thanks that you are safe, Katie is on new meds. I hope that you can rest and heal. Summer colds are much worse than winter, imho. In the winter you can be cozy and hibernate, but in the summer it's just a bummer.

    Hooray for mom's instincts!

  5. Carol, I totes agree about summer colds. Ugh! And amen about mom's intuition.

  6. I triple ditto the summer cold thing. Do not like feeling crummy in the summer. Feel better soon, Katie! So glad that you were safe from the storm. Aren't tornadoes weird? I know people freak about earthquakes in California, but tornadoes and hurricanes sound so terrifying. Stay safe, dear friend.

    We are hard at work on home projects that have been neglected for way too long. Makes for cranky summer days, but we will be glad when it is done. We are so not handymen...we should probably just live in an apartment with a paved patio instead of this weed covered hillside! It is frighteningly dry here, so I have a group of boys coming over to create defensible space around our house with their weedeaters. Boy, do we need a wet winter this coming year.

    Working on gratitude to overcome the grumps!


  7. I heard the town with the tornado and immediately thought of you and your family! Glad you are all safe! Summer colds suck, but pneumonia is even suckier! I know it's not a word, but that's OK, right?


  8. Goodness that was quite a night you had! So glad you were safe. Walking pneumonia. Aren't you glad you took her back in?

    I had a cold like that in the winter. I couldn't breathe or smell for 24 hours and then it was gone. The strangest thing I've ever experienced. I hope yours is gone quickly, too.

  9. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Wow!!! So very glad the tornado hit the school when it was unoccupied and hopefully no one in your neighborhood was injured. And shout out to Facebook friends for providing you with updates in the middle of the night!

    Hope Katie's new meds work some magic on her poor little body. She's had such a rough go of it lately! And hope you feel better, too. Maybe you two can catch some good couch and movie time for the next few days.

    Mary Z

  10. Janice4:29 PM

    and I thought the cat crying at my door with a bird in his mouth was annoying...

  11. Donna, my girls and I went through what we thought was a summer cold last June through... Wait for it... GULP. December. Ayup. That's how long it was until we were all healthy again. The youngest actually recovered in early fall, but Miss M-mv(i) was diagnosed with pneumonia on, you guessed it, the third visit to the doctor. It took three rounds of medicine to help her. I was sent for an X-ray and got the the all clear, but there was talk of bronchitis induced asthma because of my version of the illness. We are so worried every time one of us sniffles now.

    In other words, all of us send you and Katie not just sympathy but empathy.

    1. Thank you! We will go back Monday if these drugs don't work. I can't fathom this continuing thru Dec. :( I'm sorry to hear it lasted so long for you and the girls.

  12. Hey, and how scary last night must have been for all of you!

  13. I will both hope and pray that Katie improves on new medication. In the spirit of carrying an umbrella to avoid the rain, just in case it doesn't work, as the doctor if they can culture whatever is in there. They get a sample (ahem) and then let it grow. That way they know what germ it is and can get the right drug for it. My mother had pneumonia for the longest time years ago. They gave her all kinds of exotic antibiotics. When they finally cultured her they found out she had picked up "parrot fever" on vacation and needed the very un-exotic tetracycline to fix it.

  14. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Oh, you poor thing. Praying for full recoveries for you and Katie and thanking the Lord that you are all safe there.

    Debbie Z.

  15. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Oh, Donna. I'm so sorry to hear you're both battling illness! I must say, even amidst your "calamities, you Boucher women are SO darn cute.

    Praying for speedy healing, and that Katie's drug cocktail works fast!

  16. What a night. I'm not usually an all-night Fb girl, but I have real storm phobias so I was checking the iPod regularly.. And then the Madison friends started chiming in with their tornados and suddenly, I heard your town. And it's not a big town! So glad you're ok. Hoping it stays far away tonight. Mama's gotta sleep!! Rest well, Katie. Walking pneumonia is no joke. Love and prayers to you both!!!

  17. So very thankful that you are safe this morning. Hugs and get well wishes for you and Katie. What a blessing you took her back in~~mother's intuition! Take good care of yourselves!

  18. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Dear God, please hold Donna and Katie in Your healing hands and guide the doctors to know what to do to help them return to good health. Amen

    Our eldest son got pneumonia after having "recovered" from chicken pox when he was in the second grade. That was years ago now, but they told us that once you have pneumonia, you can get it again easily. I am hoping that is no longer the case, but you might ask the doctor. My hubby has had walking pneumonia twice. It is no laughing matter. Hope you can both rest and recover soon and we are so thankful to God that you were not affected by the storm. That was close.
    love and prayers, jep

  19. So glad you are fine. Fireman Troy told me about Verona tornado.

  20. Glad you are safe, but so sorry for your neighbors! I hope the new medication helps Katie. Get well and stay safe! M

  21. So glad that you are all safe! I don't miss tornadoes one tiny bit. I hope that you and Katie are healed quickly so you can enjoy your summer.

  22. Glad you and your family are alright! I hope this round of meds helps Katie recover! My Katie had Pneumonia this year, also and it took her longer than I expected to bounce back.

  23. Dear donna, I feel really upset to know katie is sick ! I truly hope she will be fine soon. I knwo how much we feel bad when our children don t feel good. I think of you and katie. Very friendly.

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