Saturday, April 16, 2016

They made it.

Final stop in India.
Now home to the babies.
George and Charlotte.
I am sure they were missed tremendously.
Safe travels home.



  1. I got teary when I saw this picture side by side with Diana in the same spot. <3

  2. Study the body language. Opposite.

    1. Happy and secure vs. troubled and insecure.

    2. Beautiful couple, they radiate well being, partnership, love.

  3. Thanks for this amazing image, plus yesterday's recap and fabulous shots. I can't get enough!!

  4. Anonymous4:58 AM

    I had to go look for an image of Princess Diana in India on the same bench especially after what Mary Z. said and how right you are that it was a sad comparison. She looked so vulnerable sitting there alone. I read in one article that Prince Charles said on his first visit to India as a young man that he would come back there with his wife and he did go back with Camilla. Really sad that he was forced to marry someone he did not love with Diana and made them both unhappy. However, what a joy Prince William and his wife are today for the British people and the world in their love. Thank you Donna for sharing the picture.
    love and prayers, jep

  5. Stunning! Thank you for posting this. Her dress is beautiful.

  6. What a lovely photo. :) They look happy.


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