Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Five is a rerun.

So what's girl to do?

I know!

Let's turn that question around from yesterday.
Just flip it a bit...

What do you think now?

I think_______

Give us five for Friday's sake :o)

1. I think it's hilarious when people just start dancing.
(Imagine Jerry Lewis, Steve Martin, Will and Carlton and the cast of Scrubs)

And speaking of Steve Martin,

2. I think this is the sweetest and funniest rendition of Tonight You Belong to Me.

3. I think I am blessed.

4. I think my comments section is the best part of this blog.

5. I think God is all knowing, all powerful and all present.

What do you think?


I also think...this turned out really sweet.

And this one didn't turn out quite right.
I think I like it anyway.

Encourage one another,

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