Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Emma knows best.

Whenever we have our nails done.  I love Emma's color best.
She tells me that people tell her this all the time.
(I never get my fingernails done because they wear off too fast.
My toenails last for weeks.  But I can't bear the fingernail color peeling in one week.)

I once got a grey/taupe-y color on my toes and hated it right away.
But gosh, it looks pretty on the fingernails below, doesn't it?
Emma says what looks great on fingers doesn't always look great on toes.

I love to wear Lincoln Park After Dark or Wicked on my toe nails but would never want something so dark on my hands.

My sister Cindy brings along her own red polish when she gets her toe nails done.
She sticks with her favorite.

Right now my toes are a pretty bright pink.

Melinda loves a red called 'Im not really a waitress' by Opi.  I always look for that one when I am looking for a red.

My first pedicure was when I was 41 years old and pregnant with Katie.

I think my mom did her own nails.  She had her hair done sometimes twice a week...but I don't remember pedicures or manicures for her.

But Aunt Dorothy.  Always.
Grandma Glyman too.
Beautiful hands.


You don't know Jacques

This one is called Bubblebath.

Do you have a favorite color?
Do you like to do your nails yourself or go to a salon?
Fingers or toes or both?
Do you like the bumpy chairs? (hate them)
Do you find the interaction with the nail tech awkward? (I do)