Monday, June 04, 2012

Hi there!

Here's the story of my blog and it's comments.

In 2004 I started a blog.  Believe it or not, blogger blogs did not come with comments back then.  You had to go to an off blog site to get the code to add comments.  So I figured out how to do this with the help of my husband.  I chose a company called Haloscan.  A few years later Blogger upgraded and added comments, but I did not need to switch, I was happy with Haloscan.  A few years after that, Haloscan was bought by JSkit and then Echo.  These companies started charging for their services but I was grandfathered in and had the free service.
After a week of wacky postings and more and more people telling me they could not comment, I decided to write a nice letter asking for help.  I saw in 2009 they offered a $19 a year comment service.  I wrote and asked if I could still get in on THAT deal.
I quickly received an email from Phillipe that Echo was going out of the comment business and I have until Oct. 1st to find another comment host.  Finding another comment host is simple.  Somehow saving my comments is hard.
This morning I heard from Igor and he has given me access to my account at Haloscan/JSkit/Echo.  I could not get in to moderate for quite some time.
(Which is amazing and a huge blessing that the people who comment on my blog do not need moderation!  Can you imagine such a kind place on the internet?  It's like Brigadoon)

Anyway, I am in the process of Importing and Exporting and holding my breath.

Do you wonder why I changed my blog?  It is the newer version of blogger.  My archived comments could not be imported to old blogger.  This opened another can of worms.  And hours and hours of trial and error.    As you can see I do not have any links or much of anything here.  But that goes away when you choose a new template.  This stinks.  I like how clean and neat this looks but I wish the Paris flowers were centered and my links were back.

To tell the truth the Import is not going so well.  I have three failed tries so far.  I need to step away from the computer after about two hours and then come back to try again when I have the interest.

Those comments are precious to me and I know they are precious to you.
A few years ago I lost my pictures on the blog.  That broke my heart.
But I moved on.

If I can not get the comments over here, I will probably revert to the old template and use blogger comments.

I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
(sorry for the cliche''s a perfect fit.)

And so it goes...
and so it goes...


Lots of love,
Your confused friend

p.s.  it's not looking good
p.p.s.  this is post #2959