Tuesday, June 05, 2012

God Bless the Queen.

What a spectacular light show last night!!

And now...the bells....
I can hear them ringing on the tv behind me as I type.
What is it about those bells?
They bring up such emotion in me.


Source: zimbio.com via Donna on Pinterest

Katie and I went to see The Avengers yesterday.  It was thrilling!!
I am not much for adventure movies.  I have never seen Ironman or Thor or the Hulk or the recent Batmans or Spidermans.

Let me just say, I was the perfect audience.  I was surprised and amazed by everything I was seeing.
Katie was embarrassed by my squeals and loud nervous laughter.  (The theater was virtually empty so I was alone in my verbal enthusiasm.)

But I loved it.  It was a great escape.  A fantastical story with oddball, cool characters.
Even the acting was good.


Katie and I had a good chuckle over this the other day.


I'm off to surgery today.

Everything should be fine.

Encourage one another,


Home and resting comfortably.
All went very well.

Thank you for your prayers, I think they shifted the stone from a tricky spot to an easy to reach spot.