Monday, June 16, 2014

It's good to be alive.



This wild rose bush is thriving this summer.  It has never bloomed like this before.
 I think it is just happy to be alive.

Human nature fascinates me.

Why some folks can overcome the most difficult circumstances...
and others with every blessing, struggle.

I don't think there is an easy answer and that's why I think about it so much.

“It would be good if you opened your heart to the fullness of time and spirit.”
~A Prairie Home Companion

Encourage one another,


  1. Agree with your ponderings, Donna. I guess it's just that God fashions each of us to be unique. And so everyone approaches life and its joys and struggles a bit differently. Prayers for you as you remembered your dad on father's day. Not easy. Have a lovely week! (And speaking of overcoming, that reminds me of an incredible book I read, "Breaking Night." It's the memoir of a young woman who grew up in the worst of conditions: neglect, poverty, drug-addicted parents, etc. She ended up homeless .... yet went to Harvard!)

  2. These pictures are so pretty. They are just exactly what I needed to see this morning. I was looking at all of the paperwork on my desk and feeling overwhelmed. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty in the world. Happy Monday to my favorite Wisconsin girl.

  3. ....with every blessing, struggle.

    So true.

    We must be thankful.

  4. We are all unique which I try to remember is a good thing when my husband or kids are trying my patience. ;) We compliment each other, though. I, too, wonder what it is that makes one person stronger and another person falter in hard circumstances (or in blessing). Faith has to be one of the main factors.

    (Your razor sharp focus and beautiful light always draw me into your photos. Always.)

  5. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Oh, those green leaves draw me in. How lovely.

    Debbie Z.

  6. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Beautiful photos. How exciting that it is blooming so well this summer.
    I really like the quote. I think all to often people walk through life with their hearts only half open or even closed off. What a struggle that is and they are missing out on so much.
    You're right, there isn't an easy answer to it all. I think about that stuff a lot as well. Sometimes I just want to scream, "Open your eyes!" ; ) It's not nice to scream though.

    I hope Katie is coming around the corner...

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  7. Katie is still struggling. I now have a doozy of a cold too. We are a mess :op

  8. Amy J in WI12:27 PM

    Oh, Donna. I am sorry the beginning of your summer is off to a sick start. It can only get better.....

  9. A hearty blend of resilience, stoicism, and a pliable sense of humor undergird the ability to emerge from difficulties with the ability to say, "What a beautiful day!" or "Yes, really, I am quite happy!" or even "This brings me great joy!"

  10. Beautiful pictures, Donna. I love to take pictures of flowers. So sorry Katie is still not well and that you are sick now too. :(

    My daughter-in-law was telling me yesterday she has had a bad cold for weeks. She was coughing terribly, and wheezing so she went to the ER and they said they think she asthma. While we were talking, she had a coughing attack and had to give the phone to my son. The cough sounded awful.

    Prayers for everyone to be well!

  11. You're right, Donna - there is no easy answer.

    I do think our personality types come into play. And whether we react vs carefully consider what is on our path,what we are facing.

    Some folks are blessed with a healthy constitution, health wise. Maybe it's the same with our emotional resilience.

    Speaking of health, I hope you and Katie are restored to good health very soon!! Lord have mercy !

    (BTW these pics are so lovely, they are yummy!)

  12. I think you are on to something. Emotional constitution. Psychological constitution. Fascinating!!

  13. The scent of wild roses brings such joy. Beautiful, Donna ~

  14. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Praying you and Katie will find your way back on the road to good health. God in You Mercy, hear our prayers.

    Wild roses blooming make me smile....Language of Flowers says they mean "I am worthy of you." Such clear, beautiful photographs, too. And, a thought provoking quote.
    love and prayers, jep

  15. So sorry to hear you are all down with the crud. I will be praying for you and sweet Katie.

    I think about this issue so often, Donna. The complexity of our personalities and our upbringings and the timing of our is such a puzzle as to why it adds up to what it does in our lives. I feel awash with grace when I look back and see what I have been able to conquer. There is much to be thankful for.

    I am going to share that quote with my mother-in-law. She is terminally ill, far away in Washington state, and I appreciate the chance to share something with her that she will enjoy. You are always such a quote queen (-:


  16. Such a beautiful rose, Donna! Is it a shrub rose?

    Interesting topic......and doubtful we will ever find an answer! Part of the mysteries of God, I guess.

    Tammy ~@~

  17. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Most everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle big or small.... Be kind and helpful for may need help. I hope you and Katie are both feeling better.
    I love, love, love your pictures. They are always focused perfectly and sooo colorful. What model camera and lens do you use?
    God's Blessings!!


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