Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ceramic bowl by Jennie Lanners

You might expect me to buy yarn at the Sheep and Wool festival. But, I was delighted by this small bowl, instead.

I almost forgot that we went...we spent such a short time there :o)

Hubby came along this year and I forgot to tell him the main attractions was the yarn "store". He took Katie to see the sheep, which she deemed too smelly and they took a quick walk around the joint.

All Katie really cared about at the fair was getting something to eat. Which she didn't. Long lines...and Lamb burgers, ewe.

We drove through Jefferson to find a fast food restaurant and must have turned the wrong way...because they don't have a row of fast food restaurants in Jefferson Wisconsin, from what we could see.

But they do have a great burger dive- You know, old grandfathered place- A shack like Muggs Up.

We love that sort of place.

Darn, if I can think of the name.

(It's Burger something and I just spent 1/2 hour searching for it. No luck)

Patrick and I enjoyed our burgers, but Katie ordered a hot dog which it arrived with tough skin. She didn't eat a bite.

The owner, of unknown Burger Joint, asked Katie if she would like to make her own soft serve ice cream cone.

After she make her own wobbly, free, vanilla cone, she was invited to come back in a few years to work.


She ate the whole thing.

Encourage one another,

And support small family owned businesses.
Everybody wins :o)
Our friends in Marinette own Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q

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