Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Angelina's in Paris

Did you drink hot chocolate at Angelina's?

Yes. It was wonderful.

Did you ever ask someone for their picture 'en Francais'?
Yes. I asked to take the picture of the beautiful pastries that I posted yesterday.

Did you enjoy your Rick Steve's accommodations?
My question - which tour were you on?

We were not on a Rick Steve's tour. I just used many of his books to help me plan.

The hotel we stayed at in Paris was charming and perfect.

The hotel we stayed at in Florence was perfectly located, run by very nice people, had great Internet access, but was so loud (we were next to an alley with yelling, partying people....and a garbage truck that came by every three hours....around the clock!!!)
I could never recommend this hotel.
Hotel Maxim. Noisy.
The girls had an inside room and slept extremely well....everywhere.
Even on the train!!!

The hotel in Roma was great. Very nice breakfast and shuttle to the airport included, friendly, helpful staff, and a quiet, quiet room.

Vatican Museum
A golden ceiling that glowed for 200 yards.

Did you ever get lost?

Not really lost...just couldn't find things after being there before. (Shoe store and restaurant.)

Did your shoes squeak?

My shoes squeaked in d'Orsay on certain surfaces!
I only wore them one or two days.

Anything you'd do differently?

I would not choose a flight that had such a tight connection. (1 1/2 hours is not enough given the lack of punctuality of the airlines.

I would seriously consider sleeping pills.

I would stay longer.

I will not go until I can take Katie with me.

How did you feel?

We were tired and surprisingly regular, Anita :o)
However, now that we are home, things have been rougher.
I am very jet lagged. I am hoping I will feel better today.

Did you sample a chocolate filled croissant?
Yes. Two. In Paris.
Perfectly delicious.

Did you knit at all on the plane, and if so, what?
Did you buy yarn while in Europe?

I knit a little on the plane on the way to Paris.
It was just too cramped tho.
I tried to knit in the hotel room...but sitting on a bed knitting...hurt.
I was trying to knit a linen handtowel.

No yarn to buy. Saw a closed shoppe one evening on the way home from Ponte Vecchio in Florence...but it was only a glance.
(We actually saw the full moon rise over Ponte Vecchio. It was beautiful)

My needles made it through all security checks.

How did you sleep ....really. Could you?
Ya know...I try not to be too negative on this blog. Miss Positive, that's me.
But you asked...so here is the truth.
I slept horrible for nine days.
Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.
So horrible I thought I would go insane.

And while we are talking about the bad parts....

Airlines, where they unkind?

Not unkind. Just disorganized and superior. They really don't care if they are making you miss a place. Destroying your well planned plans.

What flavor was the birthday cake?

Thick, dense chocolate moose like cake with dark chocolate curls on top, which we promptly removed.
We did not have plates so we ate the cake right out of the bakery box.
With plastic forks and spoons.

What was your favourite food or meal?
The girls seemed to love the gelato in Italy. They had one or two a day.
I liked the croissants in Paris.

Where would you go if you could go back?
If you had more time, what would you have done?

I would go back to Paris and stay for a week. There were so many places we did not see. We saw a lot for three short days...but there is just so much more.
And I would like to eat a good meal there.
This was not a trip for fancy dining.

I would make reservations for the museums in Florence. This escaped me in my planning....and well...we waited THREE HOURS to see the David.

It was worth it :o)

Me (in my best teacher voice): Notice the flying buttresses.

Which things/events/places were so breath-taking that you could hardly breath?
How did you feel seeing the Mona Lisa?

On the verge of tears. A little outside myself. "Well. There she is. The most famous painting in the world. And I am looking at it in person."

I actually wept on seeing Michelangelo's Pieta in St. Peters.
Couldn't stop myself. Absolutely glorious and touching.

Being inside Notre Dam and St. Peters was stunning and so were many of the rooms of the Vatican Museum which includes the Sistine Chapel.

How did your first glass of Dr. Pepper taste?
How did Katie react when she first saw you?

Katie was quiet when we walked in the house. She had plastic Easter eggs for each of us filled with our favorite candies.

My first Dr. Pepper was at an Oasis right outside O'Hare.
We stopped for pop, Starbucks and a potty break.
I wish I had a picture of myself holding that big yellow Panda Garden soda cup.

Think: Big Gulp.


Did you go into that big department store~~Galeries Lafayette in Paris where you look up and see the dome and the ornately decorated ceiling?

Why. Yes, I did. And I even took a picture it was so pretty.
This store was jam packed with shoppers.
I bought some Nina Ricci perfume for myself.
There was even a lovely little bar at this store...
and a very long line to buy anything....Louis Vitton.

Would it be possible to pick a favorite city out of all you visited?

Yes, it is possible. I really loved Paris.

Did you have any unique interactions with "the natives"? Or neat conversations?

Not too many. I liked how the French would correct our pronunciation of the few words we would attempt. In a helpful...not snooty way.

I visited with a lovely English woman (on the train from Florence to Roma) who met her Italian husband when she was visiting Italy at 16 years old. She has lived in Italy ever since. She takes Americans on tours thru Tuscany, works with handicapped adults, and was on the way to visit her daughter in Africa.
She was really cool!

Who went with?

Patrick, Emma and I,
and sisters Kathryn and Emily.

I'll save the depressing story of the junker-twelve hour-train ride to Florence for tomorrow.

The pictures will cheer you up, tho, they do me :o)

Thanks for all the questions!
Hope you're enjoying the trip!


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Whoever you are.....Thank you.
Thank was very kind.

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