Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My mother was not an octopus.

"I'm not an octopus!", she would declare as her seven silly charges called out for things during dinner.

Nor was she a short order cook.

"This is not a restaurant." she said.

Actually there was one meal that she was a short order cook and that was on the wonderful mornings we would have french toast.
She'd cook em like crazy and they would get gobbled up as soon as that small batch of four hit the table.
We loved her french toast and I think she liked doing this for us!

"Esther, sit down and eat." My father would say.

And she finally would. And we would tarry a bit longer at the table with her.
But eventually we would leave her to her breakfast and coffee and dad.

I, on the other hand AM a short order cook.

Here is how I served hamburger's the other night.

Papa Bear

Mama Bear

Baby Bear

(Baby Bear's burger is smaller than it looks here. That is a salad plate :o)
She had a hard time eating the whole thing,)

I used Baby Bella mushrooms. They were wonderful sauteed with the sweet Texas onion.


We have a visitor for spring break.


Are you a short order cook around your house?

What did your mother say so often you know it by heart?

Encourage one another,

I have a Senior Photoshoot this afternoon! Can't wait to go out to the farm and see Jean and her children....
and her donkey. Katie is coming with me. She is hoping to do some cat wrangling.

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