Monday, March 02, 2015

Downton's Christmas special. Over already!?

Downton season goes by so quickly.

I am not as devoted to it as many of you are this year.
My true love for the show ended with the Matthew's death and the
departure of the romance.
The other romances leave me feeling blah.
But that is my problem.  I hear many people are delighted
with the romantic story lines for Rose and Mrs. Hughes and I am really happy about that.
I will watch the show as long as it is on. This genre is my cuppa tea.
Perhaps next year we will get a little romance for Mary with the dreamy Matthew Goode, but gosh he was very cool this episode.
We know Fellow's can turn a story/character around on a dime.
(I actually am feeling manipulated to be honest.)
I love Tom and cried at his departure.  Cried the most about this.
I did not care that Bates came back.  That whole storyline was a big waste this season.
Mrs. Hughes is a saint and we all suspected we know it for sure.  I'm happy since she is happy with Mr. Carson.
Edith got to look pretty with her hair down.
Daddy got to be sweet again as did Cora.
Violet and Mrs. Crawley were the stars this season.
I did not care for the Dowager's romantic whole story line but loved Mrs. Crawley's.
Thomas got to use his devious skills for good instead of evil.
Mosely and Mrs. Barrow (?)....Moonlighting!

Oh gosh.  I'd give the season a B-
The sets and clothing are A+ but the stories were C-.
I hope Julian Fellows takes a good vacation and clears his head and comes up with
a beautiful, romantic, sweet, fun show for us next year.

Pretty please.

What would you grade this season of Downton Abbey?

Donna Elsie

p.s. Watch for a post on The Pioneer Woman coming shortly about....
I miss Downton Abbey viewing guide.


  1. I was waiting on something more. Not quite sure what, but something? Tom leaving broke my heart. Mary is mean spirited. I know she was like that at the beginning, but I loved how Matthew softened her. I'm hoping with you they bring someone in to turn her around. Knock her off her feet! Yes, Violet and Mrs. Crawley had the best story line this season. I wondered how they were going to change Atticus's father attitude. I didn't expect that! Now to wait until January for the new season. That's just not right.

  2. 10 months??? That's way too long to wait. I'm with your assessment and, having been a big fan of Tom's from the beginning, also cried -- especially when he asked the sisters to have a special moment for Sybil -- "We're the ones who would have grown old with her." Tears and more tears. I liked how Mary was surprised at Edith grabbing her hand during that sweet moment. If next year is the final season, I hope M and E get close. I absolutely loved Brancaster Castle. And ending with Christmas, and the carols, and Donk being over-served and giddily and touchingly commending Tom publicly -- it was almost too much to handle.

    I'll give the season a definite passing grade, but not with flying colors. The Bates, Tony Gillingham, Prince Kuragin storylines pulled it down for me. But, I will miss it so. Sundays nights won't be the same until next January.

  3. Amy J in WI11:15 AM

    Carrie and I enjoyed last night's episode so much. Mrs. Hughes and Carson were so very sweet. I agree that Tom leaving was sad...he really grew on me. The Christmas singing was very lovely. Until next January.....

    1. Yes ! The singing. I love when Mary sings and Edith plays the piano.
      Oh! How I loved when they sang and Matthew walked in. That was my favorite moment on the whole show..that and the the snow.

    2. If you were the only girl in the world.. And I was the only boy...

  4. I loved Brancaster Castle so much. The train car conversation on the way there was fun.

    Loved loved loved the moment with Robert and Edith, and Rose saving the day was great.

    Christmas stockings remembering Sybil ... precious.

    Violet and Isobel are my favs along with Mrs Hughes and Mrs Pattmore. Molesly and Baxter make a good team :-)

    Stories: B-
    Sets and costumes, locations: solid A

    And I remain a sap for the show and hopeful for next season.

    Boy will I miss Branson :-/

    1. P.S. still head and shoulders above other television shows, in my humble opinion ;-) but what do I know, all the stuff over here is in German!! Ha

  5. I thought this season was boring and dragged along too much. Some more NEW stories would have been great. C for the stories, A for costumes and set!

  6. Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes.... absolutely loved that story line last night. When she told him about her sister and paying everything she's ever had to care for her... I think that touched Carson. So very Remains of the Day...
    Mary and the guy from The Good Wife (Finn Polmar), he's so handsome.
    I have heard a rumor that they are sending Tom to America and several follow him.. there will be a Downton spinoff from across the pond? Not sure, but rumors...

    1. I read the same, somewhere ... who knows? :-)

  7. I enjoyed the season very much, with the exception of a few story lines. I agree that Bates and Anna's story was a drag, especially since he had been there/done that, more or less. I also couldn't stand Tom's insolent teacher friend who kept being invited to Downton despite her appalling rudeness. Eck. Was glad she left, but since she went so abruptly, I wondered if maybe his departure was a last minute decision. Why'd they go through all that just to send them both off separately? I enjoyed the Dowager's old love story simply because it showed a more human side to her prim and proper character, which in my mind made her more empathetic to her granddaughter's plights. She knows temptation! It was fun. Glad for Edith and Marigold, but again, the way it was written (man offers to adopt baby without telling wife why and thinking she won't be suspicious?)...well, "golly!" couldn't they have done better than that? It's all delicious, nonetheless, and I look forward to it every week. Hate that we have to wait so long again for it.

  8. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Those clothes are my favorite part and the scenery is great, too.
    I enjoy the countryside & homes.
    That red coat that Mary wore to the prison to see Anna....well, sitting and leaning back in it might not be comfortable, but it was just beautiful.
    Grade: B for story and A+++ for that red coat and the other outfits. ;-)
    love and prayers, jep

  9. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I had a really hard time getting into this season. Ended up binge watching it over a few days. I am over the Anna and Bates story line. I'm afraid that Fellows is not, since it was left open ended. I find it interesting that the new guy for Mary is so into going fast in cars. Will that bring up memories??? So nice to have a character not fall for her so easily. Man, she was horrible to Edith. Come back Tom and Sibby! Carson and Mrs. Hughes, lovely. The blatant antisemitism is timely, as the world seems to be turning back to that these days. Lovely how Rose is so not prejudiced. Yes, love the dowager and Mrs Crowley and the Dowager's realization how important that friendship is. Kristi in LV


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