Friday, March 27, 2015

Our very sweet baby sisters

JandJ (Changed)

You know, our mom had lots of babies.... (seven)
you would think two more girls would have been ho hum.

But it was not!

In 1966 twins were a big deal.

We were all so delighted to have these exact wonderful darling twins
belong to our family.

Janice who resembles our dad and Janet who resembles our mom.

I remember the morning they were born.
Grandma Hansen had come in the night and was in the kitchen.
It was very sunny Sunday morning.
I remember the phone call that they were both girls and running to tell the Irvings.
I remember exactly what their room looked like and the little bottle holders and their twin stroller.

But mostly I remember always being amused and delighted by their sweetness and happiness.

I was nine.

They have grown to have wonderful families of their own and I know they love their children just as they were loved.

That's the thing about love.

It stays with you.

I love you Janice. (A baby)
I love you Janet.  (B baby)

Always and forever.


p.s.  Janice is enjoying the book in the picture above and it is perfect because she LOVES books very much to this day.  I guess that stays with a girl too.


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Happy Birthday Janice!
    Happy Birthday Janet!
    Dear Donna, It is a joy to know you and your family here at QL. Praying for God's blessings on you each one. Early this morning with 43 degree temperature and almost no wind we walked our neighborhood and prayed for you. love and prayers, jep

  2. janice11:26 AM

    Thank you Donna! And I've never put that together about the book, you're so clever, I do love books!!! What a wonderful family to grow up in. God was very wise giving me and Janet a partner for life <3
    A baby, Midnight, Ike, Jingle...

  3. Happy birthday to Janice and Janet!

    Love that stays. What a blessing.

  4. Happy birthday to Janet and Janice and God's blessings to you both for a wonderful year! It is such a pleasure "knowing" you through Donna. :)

  5. Please, a pic of them together, now adult :)

  6. aww It sounds like your family embraced the twin Thing !!

  7. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I remember them being born too...I thought my mom had gone down to stay with you all til Grandma Hansen got there. I could be wrong tho. I do remember being told that the babies had come, were both girls, and I remember when they came home...maybe not the exact day, but the day we were allowed to come and meet them. I remember your little entry hall and the dining room on the other side...and the kitchen with the long counter. I think the twins were in the dining room when we were allowed to see them. Such little babies...I was 7 when David was born, but being 12, I do remember thinking how small they were. Happy Birthday Janet and Janice! (ps, the only other twins I knew about were Bert and Nan, or Burt and Nan and Flossie and Freddy...I think that was their names. The Bobbsey Twins :):
    Kris Schwarz

  8. What fun memories, Donna. And to have Kris chime in is really special!!!

    Happy birthday to Janet and Janice.


  9. Awww thank you Donna. I love your stories and that sure is a fun picture of us.

    I love what you say about love. <3

    You're the best.

    ~B Baby, Daylight, Mike, Jangle.

  10. janice8:34 PM

    spencer thinks it goes Mike and I must be mike...

  11. Face it: we ALL want to be a Glyman girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Janice and Janet!


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