Saturday, March 14, 2015

Special ones who have loved us.

Emma sent this to me yesterday.
It made me cry.

Grab a hankie.

Love you.
Mean it.

Donna Elsie


  1. That's one of my favorite speeches ever. One more reason to love Mr. Rogers.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Just hearing his voice takes me back to afternoons on the couch with a little boy on each side of me. What a dear man! Thanks Emma and Donna for sharing.
    love and prayers for my special neighbors here at QL, jep

  3. I'm with Jep......took me back to all the years of hearing Mr. Rogers in our "neighborhood" with my kids. What a gracious man of integrity he was!

    Tammy ~@~

  4. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Way to start my Saturday crying! Lol. That was beautiful.
    Kristi in LV

  5. What a beautiful speech. Thank you for brightening my day by sharing it here.

  6. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I also remember a lot of afternoons on the couch with my oldest son, watching Mr. Rogers and hoping that his life lessons would be remembered. They are, because every once in a while my son still mentions something Mr. Rogers said. He has fond memories. I will always hear his kind voice saying, "I like you, just the way you are."

    Debbie Z.

  7. I adore Fred. Allison had no patience for him. Zach loved him.
    I have to admit I had a friend who said
    as she was getting over post partum depression : "IF I see that damn trolley come around one more time Im going to lose it"

  8. Oh, Mr. Rogers - even his acceptance speech focused on others. It wasn't "all about him." What a special man who helped kids for generations recognize and acknowledge their feelings and fears - and how to deal with them. Now my grandson watches "Daniel Tiger" - a Mr. Rogers spin-off. Love the memories it brings!

  9. A very special man, a very special speech. Thank you for sharing! And thanks to Emma for sending it to you!

  10. I love mr rogers. I have watched this many a time.

    this is my favorite... mr rogers remix...


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