Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Big doings for Katie and Ree!

Driver's Permit.

Katie got her drivers permit yesterday morning.  She can get her license on February 25th 2016.
Six months of driving practice.  I guess that's good.  Her dad took her out last night for her very first time behind the wheel.  They drove around a circular driveway at a nearby school; five times around.

The first mini lesson was a success.  :o)

I am the luckiest! Ree sent me a huge box of goodies today!  Her product line is cheery and festive, homey and so very Pioneer Woman!!  I love it!! We learn on 9-1 where it will be sold. So curious!! So proud of the amazing Ree! #tease #one more picture t

When we arrived home we notices a huge box at the door.
I couldn't remember ordering anything....
I glanced at the return label and there I spied, Ree Drummond.

Oh man!  The box was too big for the newest cookbook....
but could it be some items from her new product line?


The packaging alone was adorable and perfect.


Katie wondered if I was going to take pictures every step of the way.

I might.


My goodies! Thank you Ree!!  It's all so perfectly charming!  #colors  #details  #happiness #thepioneerwoman

LOOK!!!  Delightful.  Charming. Cheerful.  That's what I say!

I honestly can't believe my good fortune in getting to know Ree all those years ago.  She is really such a generous, kind, thoughtful person.

A sweet story about Ree that people don't know...

Last winter my sister Janet had a kitchen accident.  I can't remember how it happened but all of her cherished Pioneer Woman cookbooks were ruined by water.  Janet loves Ree and stands in line to get her cookbooks signed.  Ree always remembers my sisters when they show up and she makes them feel very special!  (She has a knack of making people feel special.)

Back to the waterlogged cookbooks, Janet posted a picture of her cookbooks on her Instagram page.
Ree spotted them and immediately offered to send Janet new cookbooks!

A month later Janet received all the cookbooks in the mail...all signed.

That's the kind of thing Ree does.


So when Ree sends me a huge box filled with her delightful, charming, happy products...
I can't wait to share them!!!  I'm so happy for her success!

Don't you just love the turquoise and red together?
The colors are so happy!
But guess what, one of my favorite items is a creamy white plate.
I have a thing for scallops!

 It's been so fun to watch her become The Amazing Pioneer Woman :o)

On September first we will learn where the Pioneer Woman line will be sold.

Do you have any guesses?

Encourage one another,


  1. I love these darling items. Turquoise and red together is one of my favorite combos.

    And what a delightful surprise!!

    Thanks, too, for the story about the cookbooks - PW is a good soul.

    About driving with teens:

    I am tickled for sweet Katie, but it was not a phase of parenting that I enjoyed (understatement. Looking back, potty-training was far better than sitting shot-gone while one of my kiddos scared me to pieces!! Yikes! My hubby was far better at it, bless him.

  2. Polka-dots and scallops and florals -- oh my!!! Ree's line is beautiful. And it's made even more special with a firsthand testimonial that she's as nice in person as she appears on TV and her blog. :)

    Good luck to Katie and her parents over the next six months. Can't believe she's already that old!

  3. I love the stories you tell about Ree. She is the real deal, and it makes me happy to see her doing so well. And her stuff is DARLING. My favorite piece is the handled mixing bowl with the polka dots, but that white plate comes in a close second. I love white, especially white with embossed designs.

    God bless Katie! She will do great. The very first time Brennan was behind the wheel, he had his lesson with the instructor we have to hire so he can make his permit official. The guy had him IMMEDIATELY get on the FREEWAY and they drove thirty minutes down to Sacramento and then back. The boy had never even gone back and forth in our driveway! Good grief. So glad I was not there (-: December 1st he can take his test. He's doing great and I am not freaking out (too much.) As I said on FB: driving training was the real reason we took Lamaze.

    Happy Wednesday all,

  4. Two of my favorite people-Ree and you! I met Ree at a book signing, still have to meet you! :) Congrats to Katie! I LOVE those dishes and have a feeling some of these items will be on my Christmas wish list! I'm so happy for you!

  5. Love this! Tar-Jay??? If it is, OMG, I will never get out and stay in budget!!

  6. It's all just so beautiful!! And I love dishes so much. September 1st cannot come soon enough. What will I buy first. :)

    Janice and I did some "Nancy Drew" on Ree's line....Gibson Overseas produces it so I'm wondering if it is going into several stores not just one. We shall see. My first guesses have been Kohl's or Macy's...but after some thought Bed Bath and Beyond and Target are in the running. Or maybe all of those stores. :)

    I was floored that Ree saw my sad Instagram post about my cookbooks. How kind was she to sign and send me new ones!! What she doesn't know is that some of the damaged ones were for my daughters. When I would go to the book signings I would buy 5!!! One for me and each of my daughters. So now all the girls have nice books, without water damage and mold, from sweet Ree. Yay!! I'm so happy for Ree's success. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

    CONGRATULATIONS to darling Katie on getting her permit!!

  7. PS Your pictures are gorgeous. Love the lighting.

  8. A driver! YAY! I love it! In Pennsylvania you have to wait until you actually turn 16 to get a permit. My Dad taught Kaish and Bria how to drive on the farm already because you can drive around the farm starting at age 14. I hope Katie has a lot of fun learning how to drive. She will excel at it, I am sure.

    The line that Ree is doing is very pretty. I hope it is in Kohl's because I think that is a very nice store! I love that she did something sweet for Janet. God bless the kind people in the world.

  9. I agree with Susan - I would gladly take potty training over driver education! It's not just the sitting shotgun and hitting the invisible brake, either - it's the years of concern when they drive a friend, when they drive at night, and of course every time the phone rings while they are out. Maybe you are more relaxed, Donna? Or, maybe Katie is a better driver! I have my one and only boy coming up on this milestone. He claims he will be better than his sisters.

  10. Yay for you! Ree is such a sweetheart. I have never met her in person but have read her blog since 2007. It's where I discovered you, too! So happy she has this line coming out. And it's aqua/turquoise and red! My quilting usually follows those colors because they are oh so beautiful together.

  11. I am thrilled for Katie and for you! My guesses : Hope they are sold at : Schools for fundraisers!
    or more likely: Target?
    Things I can see on those plates: Donna's layered salad. Donna's Lasagna with homemade sauce, Donna's green salad with homemade dressing, bowls of Amish cherry pie topped with vanilla ice cream, and much much more !

  12. what??? i knew Ree would be like Ree in real life! love the story and happy for your guys' friendship :)

  13. How fun is Ree's new line? I just love all the colours. And how nice of her to send you all those glorious goodies? She knows a good person when meets one! I hope I can buy it up here in Canada. And congratulations to your Katie on getting her learner's permit (that's what we call it here.)

  14. CanNOT wait to see where her goodies are going to be sold!

  15. My son gets his permit in October. He doesn't turn 16 until the end of April. I am excited and scared to death at the same time. Good luck to Katie and to you!

  16. My son gets his permit in October. He doesn't turn 16 until the end of April. I am excited and scared to death at the same time. Good luck to Katie and to you!

  17. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Hmm...I'm wondering if Ree's line will be sold at The Walmarts ! Ha! Remember that's how she puts it ! Wherever she sells it hope it's a store in my hometown ! Whatever happened on the opening of her deli ? Oh , good luck Katie you'll do just fine ! ��. Beckie from Kansas

  18. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Ha!!! I knew it the Walmarts it is !!!! Yea!!! I'm going shopping ����. That's so Ree to sell her products at someplace where we can all afford !!! Beckie from Kansas


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