Friday, August 21, 2015


DSC_0370-4 copy

And though she be little, she is fierce.

Tryouts for the high school volleyball team were this week!  Katie has worked her little tushie off all year.  She LOVES to play and playing every day is nothing but JOY for her.
But there were not a lot of spots...and it was NOT a sure thing at all.

But she made the team and we are all so delighted!

Here in Wisconsin the public schools do not start until after September 1st.
But the sports get going earlier.
The first football game is tonight!

I'm so glad God gave us our little Katie....
It's an exciting, fun time for her....
and us!

Encourage one another,


  1. Way to go Katie !!! I am sure they recognized your talent and devotion, and I KNOW you will be a huge asset to the team.

  2. So glad you have this fun time yet too. I'm loving the grandbaby stage but every year about this time I long for Tiger's soccer and Flame. It is just as strong now as it was 5 or 10 years ago. And good for Katie! The Shakespeare quote is so perfect!

  3. Amy J in WI11:37 AM

    So exciting! Donna, start buying your orange and black fanwear. I am picturing you in a hat, beads and scarf.....

  4. I'm so glad God gave you Katie and that God has shared you and your family with us! xoxo
    love you
    mean it

  5. yaaaah! oh i love vball. my husband and i met in a community college night vball class~ and we have sons who played high school as well. to say nothing of a sport you can sit inside (out of the weather) and watch your kiddo! (beautiFUL picture, btw!!)

  6. What joy! For Katie, for you and for us to share.
    Fingers crossed Molly makes the college club team again this year. :)

  7. Katie is so beautiful and I believe she is as beautiful inside, just like her mother. Hope Katie has a great school year.

  8. Her eyes with that sweater....gorgeous. Here's to a great volleyball season for Katie!
    I wonder what we would do without our Ethan, too. ;)

  9. Way to go Katie! We are so happy for you!
    I only remember playing in high school gym class and loving when they yelled :ROTATE.
    i was a decent server but that was it!
    Here's to a fantastic fall of volleyball for y'all

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Katie is a blessing to you, to us and I am sure to all she meets. TBTG for answered prayer for her getting on the JV Volleyball team. We knew she could do it! love and prayers, jep

  11. I am so happy for her. I was praying about it.
    Go, Katie, Go.
    Gorgeous picture of your littlest princess.

  12. Congratulations Katie!!

  13. Congratulations to Katie!
    I am here via Kathy B. How did I not know about another Madison knitting blogger?! Do you participate in the Guild?
    You can find me at

  14. Your blog brings tears to my eyes every morning, Donna. The poetry, beauty, photography...
    Way to go Katie! She's an amazing young woman - like her Mom and sister, and whole family!


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