Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Couple of Questions

Of all the trips you've been on, what was your Great American Adventure? Where did you go? What did you do?

Patrick and I fondly remember our trip to Kiawah Island in South Carolina when the children were small. We loved the Island, Charleston and visiting The Biltmore.

It was at least twelve years ago.
We long to return to that lovely place.

If you were on Survivor, how soon do you think you'd be voted off? Do you think you'd win the $1 million?

Well, I would either get voted off the first day...or be one of the lucky ladies who have won because they were sweet :o)
Sometimes the show is very physical...and being strong matters...
other times it's all politics.

Speaking of reality television. The Amazing Race is coming back on Feb. 28th.
Yup. Just pulled that date out of my noggin'.

And. American Idol is driving me crazy. There are these loud mouth, conceited twins who are given way too much air time. I just now googled their names...and apparently, they have been dropped from the show due to an unfortunate incarceration.

Thank goodness.

I honestly was changing the channel anytime they came on screen!

Unfortunately, it looks like I missed a great evening of the Olympics. I was up very early this morning (couldn't sleep) so I watched many of the Olympic highlights on the internet and read about some amazing athletes/people.

The Chinese figure skating pair for their recovery after that terrible fall and Joey Cheek for his philanthropy.

And for his nickname.... Fastest Cheeks on Ice!
(And for MFS...his favorite book is "Enders Game" :o)

Check out the video clips at NBC Olympics

Hope you can get that link to work. (I think it gets a lot of traffic!)

The girls are both still asleep; I think I have time to read a chapter or two Anna Karenina before they wake up.


Encourage one another,

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