Saturday, February 18, 2006

The tooth fairy has made her first visit to little Katie!
Her tooth fell out without a bit of pain or blood :o)
All it took was a soft hot dog and a soft bun to break her tiny tooth loose.

We placed the wee tooth inside a matchbox and made a paper note announcing that inside this box was Katie's Tooth.

Katie was determined to stay awake to see the fairy.
But she could not stay awake.

She awoke to a crisp dollar bill but was a little concerned to find the tooth still in the box.

"The tooth fairy must want you to save that tiny tooth."

"Okay....I can't wait until I get another loose tooth!"

Silhouette by Karl Johnson

Mr. Johnson is a lovely artist. I didn't know one could be a silhouette artist until I happened upon the pretty tooth fairy silhouette. (Google search for tooth fairy)

When we were children our silhouettes were made by someone at the public school.

Perhaps my sister Sue has a better recollection of this than I do.
I think I was in the Second and Third grade.

They were very special and we brought them home to our parents...
As far as I know, no one in my family has one of their silhouettes.

All that is left is a very distant memory...
My memory is a silhouette.

Wishing you warm memories on this cold February weekend.

(-13 below here in Wisconsin)

Encourage one another,

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