Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Quotable Anna Karenina

'Well, there haven't been many sins in your past!'
'Ah, but all the same,' said Levin, 'looking back at my life, I tremble and curse and bitterly regret...Yes!'
'What's to be done? That's the way the world is made,' said Oblonsky.
' My one consolation is that prayer that I like so much: "Not according to my deserts but according to Thy loving kindness!"

Yes, that is a great consolation!

Grace, grace, God's grace...
Grace that is greater than all my sin....

Highly recommended for readers everywhere!

As Emma and I read thru portions of The Well Educated Mind yesterday, I wondered how I could have missed all of this information in sixteen years of school. (That includes four years in college. he he)

Susan Wise Bauer writes very well. She does not write in a complicated, over your head sort of way. Her book is clear and straightforward and interesting.

Reading this book is like taking Intro to World Literature in college...but from a really, really good teacher :o)

It is, indeed, "A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had."

What are you reading this week?

Encourage one another,

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