Sunday, June 10, 2007

Farmer's Market
A Saturday morning in June.

Ripe strawberries, ripe!
Ripe strawberries, ripe!

Who will buy
This wonderful morning?
Such a sky
You never did see!

Who will tie
it up with a ribbon?
And put it in a box
for me?

Who will buy
Who will buy
This wonderful feeling?
I'm so high
I swear I could fly.
Me, oh my!
I don't want to lose it
So what am I to do
To keep the sky so blue?

There must be someone who will buy!

Thank you, Oliver, for your words.
They fit. They really fit.

All of these photos are straight out of the camera.
No photoshop was needed, at all.

I love my camera.

I love that I can share my pictures with you!

Happy Monday!

Encourage one another,

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