Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer had officially arrived.

Katie finished her Calvert Math Monday evening.
Did her final test.
Missed one.

A little neighbor girl(8 yo) was making Katie feel dumb the other day,

"I learned to multiply in kindergarten!"

and the she gave Katie a really long addition problem to figure out...and she said it really fast.

And well, Katie came home sobbing and frustrated and we had to have a long talk and a lot of hugs.

Then I showed her that her Math book said 1st grade on it.
And I told her that Calvert has been around for 100 years and they know what to teach a first grader.
And that she didn't have any problem with anything in the whole book.
And that her average of 98.3 was a solid A.
Not quite an A+, but super close to it :o)

And next time, she needs to tell her pint size teacher to be nice.
And next time, to tell her that teachers are not suppose to make their students cry and that it is a teachers job to help you learn, no to make you feel dumb.

Teachers are to encourage, not discourage.

And then she was fine.

Until the next day when she was called a scardey cat for not riding her bike over a big bump.

More long discussions ensued...

The tears subsided.

Looks like summer school has just started.

The summer-school of life.

Happy class.

This is Carrie, (not the tiny-teacher) she and Katie found what they thought was a minnow.

I am a meanie and said Katie couldn't bring it home.
Carrie's mom said Carrie could bring it home.

On the way home we spotted six teeny, itsy bitsy, legs.

I think we brought Carrie's mom some sort of insect.

Perhaps a giant, Wisconsin-sized mosquito.

he he

Hopefully it will die quickly.

Don't tell the girls I said that :o)

Encourage one another,

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