Wednesday, September 12, 2007


How much do you LOVE sleeping when the temperature's drop into the 40's and you get to pile on a few extra blankets?

I love it a lot!

Add to that, a fan.

I love the blowing cool breeze on my face.

I like to lean my head out of the window when we drive along in the car.

I'm a bit of a mutt.

And those long time readers my remember this. It's one of my better blogs.



Did you know my birthday was coming up? Well, it is. And it's a biggie.
My sister Nancy, has something fun in the works for me.

She is going to pick me up and we will drive to Missouri together to visit Sue and Cindy. Doesn't that sound like fun!!! It sounds like a wonderful birthday extravaganza to me.

I think there will be pampering....and lots of talking and eating and love.

What a terrific birthday surprise!

About middle age, Edward Albee says,

"It's the only time you get a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree view-- see in all directions. Wow! What a view!"


Yesterday I shot another senior!

he he he

Lynn likes it when I say that :o)

I have known Danielle's family for a few years now. Danielle recently found my pictures on Flickr and shared her love of photography with me.
She wanted to have me take her senior pictures so her mom gave me a call.

We went to a pretty park near her home and shot a load of pictures....and fought with mosquitoes.

Again I had the fortune of working with a lovely and beautiful girl.


Here is where I need work. The focus at this distance is not right.
But, I sure like this photo.

Tell me honestly. Would you get rid of that yellow flower?

Danielle was a natural model.


And just two more I was fussing with this morning.



Hey!!!! How about we put up our senior portraits.

Let's do that tomorrow!

Tell me if that yellow should stay?

Encourage one another,

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