Friday, March 27, 2009


After much hemming and hawing, and wringing of hands and a phone call to Courtney and a pep talk from my husband....

I am sending the D300 back to B & H.

The camera did not do what I had thought it would.

(If you look at this blown up you can see the hair is a mass of noise. I don't mind bokeh, but I do mind grain.)

Other than try another D300 I will take the plunge and buy the D700.

This is the best decision I can make with the information I have.

It's tough.

But B & H has kindly sent me all the information for the refund without any hassle at all.

So I am relieved.

Now I just need to get a happy phone call from Miss IRS and I will be able to sleep again!


In Katie's classroom the children gather on a carpet a few times during the day.
Around the carpet sit four chairs. I have noticed that those four chairs fill up first and are the special place to sit.

Knowing children nature I was surprised that these special chairs hadn't become a problem.

This morning as Katie and I headed out to the car she said she wished I was coming 'in' today.

I said, "Oh, I know. You like to get to the classroom first so you can get one of those special chairs."

She told me, "We are not allowed to sit in those chairs anymore."

Ah ha! When did that happen, I wondered.

Katie said that yesterday afternoon the teacher made the rule.

No surprise.

I told Katie that when we were children we always wanted to get the end of the banana in our cereal.

"But Why?" she wondered.

"Because it was special."

"It's not good." she said.

"I know, but there are only two."

(I should have gone into a lecture on supply and demand at this point but I was on to the next food we coveted.)

There was a very special roll in the bag of brown and serve rolls we would fight over.

It was a little crescent shaped roll that had kosher salt on it.

It was the best little roll.

There was one of them in the bag containing thirteen rolls.

We had seven children in our family. It was highly prized.

"Why did you want that one?"

"Because it was soooo good. It tasted like a salt bagel."

Friday Five

Did you fight over a special food when you were children?
Do your children fight over something now?
Did you get to sit in the front seat of the car with your parents?
Did your parents drive a Chevy or a Ford?
What age can children sit in the front seat now? Katie is dying to sit up front.


Gathering at Panera (Grand Canyon and Mineral Point Rd.)
Saturday 10:30-12:00 (tomorrow)

Stephanie is coming to Madison.

Lynn(I think) and I will be meeting her there!

You are invited.

I will wear my glasses so you can recognize me :o)

Hope to see many of you there!

Encourage one another,

Happy Birthday Janice and Janet. They are partying over at Facebook.

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