Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April Showers

I love stopping by April's blog because she makes me laugh.

She and her husband have loads of fun together with their children while tending to their school work and farm.

And you know I have a thing for people dancing....


My new camera came in the mail yesterday!

My D80 is seriously wearing out!

The new camera is a Nikon D300. I was about to jump up to the D700 but my big, wide angle lens will not work on the D700.
So I stuck with a camera that can handle my lenses. (All two of them :o)

The camera shoots LIGHT, which is opposite of my D80! Go figure.

I've got some practicing to do :o)

Trying out new camera

Katie was not home yet. This avocado was the most colorful thing in the house.


a little too light


a little dim

Nope. I don't have a just right yet.

But I do think the focus is better so that's good.

I have 100 more shutter releases before I need to decide if I am keeping it.

That is just not enough in my opinion, but dems the rules. ;o)

Anybody have a child I can photograph during the day today? My model is at school.


Dancing with the stars.

Oh brother. Mr. Apple gets to stay! Ugh.

What did his partner do to her hair???
Oh my goodness.
Either she is on the edge of fashion or she just fell off the edge.


Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Encourage one another,

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