Saturday, March 21, 2009

I feel bad about my eyes.

I have gotten numerous comments about the sunglasses in the talkie blog.

And honestly, I can not do it without them.

I really, really can't.

So either I don't do them at all or I do them with sunglasses. I feel like I am practicing and just learning how to do them in the first place. Could you just think of them as my form of crawling before I can walk?
Holding on before letting go?

In my minds eye, I am still a fresh faced, slim, kind of pretty, 25 year old.

But when I look at myself in a talkie blog I see this.

But, for those of you who are dying to see me without my glasses.

Here is a little peek.


I am a gifted eye-crosser.

Thank goodness the wind did not change while I was taking this picture.


So for now,
in the talkie blog,
I will be donning my sunglasses.

Until I feel better about my eyes.



Encourage one another,

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