Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing with the Stars: Opening Night.

Whoa nelly!

What a good show last night.

My opinions?
Oh Sure.

Here they are...

1. Too many bad dancers to count!
2. A few great surprises.
3. David Allen Greir was robbed.
4. The Bachelorette, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Melissa, is gonna win.
5. Jewels husband is gonna wish he was on a bucking bronco instead of on this show.

No where else does my opinion matter.

I like my blog.


P.s. For those of you who do not watch the show because of the women's costumes.
Bad news. They are not more modest this season.

P.p.s. Why were the judges so hard on the David Allen Greir? He is a beautiful dancer and they picked him apart and gave him bad scores. She feet were beautiful and he moved so gracefully. Okay, you don't like his faces...but that doesn't mean he should score as low as Mr. Apple or Jack*** guy or Cowboy-boy.
Sometimes I just don't get it.

Who did you love?
Who did you hate?

Who is going to win. Make your predictions now and see if you will be right at the end of the season.
I guessed correctly the last three seasons.


In which, I get a phone call at 1:43 am

It is especially hard to talk with out a prop ie Katie or the mittens.
Sorry for all the 'ums'.
I'm sure I will improve. Hopefully at a faster rate than my knitting and most certainly faster than my down hill skiing.

Have I told you that I skied for lots and lots of years and NEVER improved?

I guess my feet just were not made to be strapped on to long thin boards.

Tree Hugger

Katie says she is a tree hugger.

Happy Tuesday ALL!

Don't forget you DWTS predictions?

First to go?

Encourage one another,

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