Monday, March 23, 2009

I drove Emma to Harvard Illinois so she could catch the train back to Chicago.
Six more weeks of hard work and she will come home for summer break where she will work hard to earn money to go back to college next year. It is a thrilling yet difficult time of life.

She is not a worrier like her mom. Thank God.

In our family, we take turns freaking out and I can't tell you how well this works for us.

Saturday night was the Blessed Sacrament Auction. As you might remember, I was offering a photo shoot and a canvas/standout.

I was worried that no one would bid on my item.

Patrick, was worried that I would be hurt.

We were both calm until we got there and saw that all of the other photographers had samples of their work on display.

I was told clearly that there wasn't going to be room for samples.

Being the rule follower, I did not push it.

BUT once I saw all of the other samples, I sort of freaked out.

Patrick was perfectly calm.

There was only one thing to do.

We drove home and got two samples. Big ones.


We brought them back and squeezed them in and spiffed up our little display.

Now I could at least rest a bit. My session had a fightin' chance to be seen at least.

(Although, when we returned from our trip to get the samples, there was already a bid on the session which was wonderful to see.)

I tried to busy myself looking at all of the other silent auction items. There were just TONS!

I visited with the other parents and drank my Diet Dr. Pepper (which I brought from home :o)

Patrick wandered back and forth between the silent auction sheet and me.

"There are four bids now."
"It's up to $190."
"I'm hearing great things!"
"It sold for $201."

I was so relieved.

I just wanted it to sell.

The positive feedback was tremendous.

I am so glad Patrick and I raced home to get the samples.
I'm so thankful that he is my better half :o)

(I don't want to slam the organizers of the silent auction AT ALL. They did a fantastic job of organizing over 500 items. I do not think they knew what their space was going to hold when I initially spoke with them about the samples. They really had their hands full and did a great job.)

Just before the auction, Emma and her bff wanted to have a photoshoot!
It's always nice to get some new pictures for your facebook.
So we ran out to the barn for a 30 minute session.

I am still looking thru these and having fun editing them.


The girls.

Emma is not allowed to wear those pants at Moody.


Here is Candace! She and Emma are always laughing.


Emma has always wanted to be taller.


This turned out cute!


A little Patrick Demarchelier action here :o)

(He is the photographer who took many of the jumping pictures in Vogue this month.)

Demarchelier also took this utterly gorgeous picture of Diana.

I think he is my hero for taking that picture.


So that's what's up in my little town.

A little beauty, a little fun, a little drama.

Can you describe your weekend in three words/phrases?

Encourage one another,

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