Thursday, May 07, 2009

On the way home from school today.

I did this.


My camera is my right hand man, I tell ya.

It whispers in my ear, get out there, look around, let's find something pretty....


On Monday, I posted a picture of Katie. It looked like we were on a farm.
But really, we were on a construction site.

A large computer software company is building a GIANT campus near our home.
We are amazed every time we drive over there to see what they have going on.

It's Katie's favorite place to take pictures AND it has a view of the sunset.


This is just one of the fantastic new buildings.


See, how much she loves it!


"Come down here. I need to take pictures of you and the sunset."



Her new favorite pose.


I have no clue how to do a sunset picture.

Can someone ask Ree to do a tutorial on sunset shots?

I need some hand holding here.


Not much going on around here... So sorry...

I think I will go and try to hold the cat.

Encourage one another,

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