Monday, June 29, 2009


The wedding was a big wonderful happy family affair.
The cookies were a hit.
Patrick and I both thought the wedding message was meaningful and important.
Katie and I danced.
Patrick and I danced.

We had bacon wrapped water chestnuts.

Did you know that it is very wrong to say, "A good time was had by all."?

I learned this in journalism class at Hillsdale.

Most likely, it is not a true statement. Someone didn't win the door prize. Someone just heard bad news. Some one's shoes hurt their feet. Someone was not asked to dance. You know. Someone had a bad time.

It's also a cliche and good writers try to stay away from those.

Not me. I like cliche speak. Just not this one ;o)

It is one of the only things I learned in journalism class.

Besides the inverted triangle.

Most important facts at the beginning...ending with the dribble drabble at the end.
(Blogging takes a different approach.)

So now you know everything I know about journalism.



Christmas in June.

The DX crop made the boys look short. They are not short.

I'm not sure I will use this one.


I will probably use this one.


Just outside the church, I tried to snap a nice shot of the boys.

They were pretty stiff.

I told them.

Look at one another.

And they thought it was stupid and odd to gaze into one another's eyes.




And my sneaky ploy worked.

I made them laugh.


It pays to have a silly one in the pack.
The best shots came just after this one.




Matthew and Katie.


Encourage one another,

Thank you all for the perfect advice and comments on Saturday and Sunday. Your wise words and stories touched my heart.
Thank you.

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