Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Cat and the Hat.


Maggie loves yarn and Katie's hat.

She only plays with the yarn and Katie's hat when we are asleep or away.

I walked in the door a few weeks ago and this is what I find.
Both the yarn and the hat right inside the door.

Now. I try to hide the yarn. I put it up on dressers and I hide it in bags. But she finds it and carries it all around the house.

This hat. I don't know where Katie leaves it....but Maggie finds it.

This morning I woke up and there was the hat in the hallway by our bedrooms.

It is often in the hallway by the bedrooms.

I try to imagine her walking along with the big hat with the fat tassel in her mouth.
I try to imagine her hauling the yarn from room to room.

But Maggie keeps her fun to herself.

I am here all day and she does not play when I am home.

She must be dying for me to leave!!!

I shouldn't have been surprised to find the hat in the hallway this morning,
I remember hearing her growl/meow in the night. Really loud.
I yelled at her to be quiet. She stopped after the second shout.

Crazy cat.

The jig is up, cat.

I know you like to play and have fun.
You are not as cool as you may think you are.

the one who sits on the couch with the nice big lap.

p.s. photo edited with MCP Fusion Magic Markers Action
I wanted the hat and yarn to be more colorful, but not the rug.
It worked.
More tomorrow about MCP Fusion.

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