Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guess what I'm doing?

I am giving a workshop in Maryland in one month from today!

Katie and I are gettin' on a plane and taking the show on the road.

I didn't want to do it.
I had lots of reasons why it would not work. Lots of 'em.
But my friend Angie S. was calm and persistent. Angie came to my workshop last June with her good friend
Jessica. They flew here to Wisconsin all the way from Maryland and ever since Angie has been wishing she could share
the workshop with her friends out East. (Angie is a good friend.) So I inboxed all my worries to her,
and she made them all go away. So to keep the workshop cost from skyrocketing, Katie and I will stay
with Angie. (Really none of this could happen without the hospitality of Angie and her hubby. Thank you sweet girl....and I say girl cause Angie could be my child. Youngin's I tell ya. Jess and Angie are babies...both having babies....)

It was hard to decide if I should bring Katie or not, but in the long run Katie really is the best little model I know and
I am completely comfortable bossing her around. (I also think people like meeting her cause they have seen her so much on my blog. I don't know if this is true....but I tell myself it is.)

So this accidental business woman/workshop giver is spreading her timid little wings.
Pretty amazing, huh?


I will also be announcing my 2011 Workshops for the Inspired Beginner tomorrow or Friday.
(Madison, Wisconsin) In the past, the workshops have sold out in less than an hour on that first day so if you are interested
this is your heads up. (Only six attendees at each workshop)

I will email the information before hand to all of the people who have sent me emails. ( )
Then (@ 12 hours later) I will post the announcement on my blog, on the workshop blog, and on Facebook.
Your payment saves your spot.

One other thing...if you are more than a mom with a camera....someone who is in the biz or planning
on being in the biz sometime soon, you must live at least 75 miles away from Madison.

I look forward to meeting and teaching and encouraging and mentoring (and feeding :o) ) more lovely women this year
at my Workshop for the Inspired Beginner.

And now my tummy is all a-flutter!


In case you want to read more about what my workshops...

Workshops for the Inspired Beginner with Donna Boucher

Now...go make something with Nutella....everybody's doing it.

Encourage one another,

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