Wednesday, April 27, 2011

cottage cheese.

cottage cheese reminds me of my mother.
cottage cheese reminds me of being on a diet in the 70's.
cottage cheese reminds me of my husband. When we go out to a restaurant
if the salad bar or the kitchen has cottage cheese, he is very happy.
We always have cottage cheese in our house.

My mom made a pretty side dish for us when we were little.
She placed lettuce on the plate and put cottage cheese in the middle. She nestled peaches around the cottage
cheese and put a cherry on top.

That was my mother.

Making pretty, healthy food for her family.
She was a good mom.

She never compared us to one another.
She judged our diving contests and diving board fashion shows.
She grew beautiful roses.
She liked to read.

She read The Summer of 42.
Someone at school said it was a spicy story.
I tried to find it.
She must have thrown it out.

She didn't take the garbage out often enough and our dad would yell when he got home,
"Why can't anyone take the garbage out?"
My husband says the same thing.
And so does Matthew.

We Glyman girls don't do garbage.

Which is interesting because,
my great grandfather on my mother's side, owned a garbage company.

It must be men's work.

We girls are in charge of the pretty food.

Fishy, Fishy in the brook
papa catch him on a hook,
mama fry him in a pan
baby eat him like a man

Seems I am a victim of ....gender roles.
That's okay.

We all die for a chance to say this around here....

Happy Hump Day!

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