Thursday, April 28, 2011

Workshop in Maryland, Pro Photo Cover Contest, Crazy Fun Video and more....

I don't think I will be able to blog tomorrow morning.
I am driving to O'Hare airport and need to leave quite early.
You may think it is crazy to drive 125 miles to get on a plane but the flights out of
Madison had us getting on the plane at 6:00am and then sitting in Minneapolis or Detroit or Atlanta
for the whole day and not getting to DC until six or seven at night.
This seems like torture to me.
So Katie and I will drive for 2 1/2 hours, fly for a few hours and get to DC at 2:00.

Makes sense to me. Which would you rather do?

I heart non-stop flights.

Here is something super fun, one of the attendees of the workshop I am teaching is a woman I met here on the blog a little over a year ago.
Her name is Chery and she leaves wonderful comments often. We have many things in common and have formed a nice sweet bond. She is a devoted wife and mother who is traveling a road she never imagined. I think we encourage one another.

Because we are both arriving at Dulles within a few hours of one another, Cheryl and Katie and I will drive to Angie's (the hostess) together. This is fantastic for a few reasons; Angie doesn't have to make the drive as she is busy preparing for the workshop and is great with child and I get to meet Cheryl early! Super fun!

Here is Cheryl's blog. She is writing more and more and I know you will enjoy her stories and her great pictures.

A Coastal Point of View


I reread the quote I put up the other day....the Matilda quote.

"And Matilda found, to her great surprise, that life could be fun and she decided to have as much of it as possible."
~Matilda much as possible.


My morning wait for Target to open. I love the Starbucks crew at our nearby Target.


We also love this cat.
The feeling is not necessarily mutual.

I must leave one decent picture to look at on the blog while I am gone...let's see...

I almost forgot. I entered a picture in a magazine cover contest.

You can vote if you like. Go see what picture I chose.

Professional Photographer Cover Contest

When my friends vote, I get fives.
When competitive strangers vote...they give me 1's.
Mean people are mean.

(I have seen beautiful pictures with low scores. Isn't that too bad?)

My picture may not be a five....but it is not a one. :op

I will try not to be obsessed about this....



Love you!


Watch for me on Twitter and Facebook. I can manage those when I am traveling.
Not the blog so much, but I do come by and read the comments and comment here.

I'll miss you.

Encourage one another,

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