Friday, June 10, 2011




crawling fast


We're goin' to the zoo.
How about you?

Oh Raffi. You were such a big and wonderful part of my big kid's growing rides...
Asher needs a CD, don't you think?


DSC_1894-7 copy


After our fun and interesting walk around the zoo....interesting because it was hard work to find any critters who were actually out or looking alive....

We stopped at Orange Tree Imports on Monroe St. This is the home of the Happy Spoon. I think everyone needs a happy spoon. So Carrie and Melinda got theirs. Katie bought a little glass dog.

I loved these little glass animals when I was little. I remember buying them as birthday gifts for my friends. I do not have any left. I'm sure Janice and Janet broke them all. :op

But here is the one Katie picked out.


They are made by a company called Hagen-Renaker, Inc.

Now the house is quiet again. Matthew and Melinda and Asher have headed up to Marinette for a wedding.

It's sure nice to have a happy baby around. He is on the move!

Back in the day, we used play pens...
I don't know why they have gone out of fashion?

I thought I had a high chair in the basement...but I don't. Bummer.

It all worked out tho, and we had a great time.

I think I need a nap.

Encourage one another,

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