Wednesday, June 08, 2011


In which Katie questions me and bemoans Westley's fate in The Princess Bride.


Today is extra special. I am teaching a private photography class (mentoring) to a young mom
from out of town. For mother's day her husband arranged this wonderful surprise for her.
(Husband of the year :o)
She has wanted to come to a workshop but with a new baby and other hasn't worked out.
So today she is driving down for a class!!

I am excited to teach her! She has a beautiful, tiny little girl to take pictures of and a sweet hubby too!
It is characteristically cloudy out. (Even tho we have had blazing sun for more days than I can count.)
I seriously think God is telling me something.

My family thinks He is telling me to overcome.
I think He is telling me not to teach.

I guess it is just another mystery.


Then I will clean, clean, clean because...guess who is coming to town!

Matthew and Melinda and Asher!!


And guess who else? CINDY!!

Cindy is coming to meet Asher and hang out with us for the day on Thursday!
Oh! How I love it when my family cup gets filled to overflowing!!!

Very, very thankful!!


At night I have been reading Mother Teresa's book, My Life for the Poor.

Lynn gave this book to Emma before she went to India.
Lynn was speaking something into Emma's life when she gave her this book.
That Lynn is pretty special.

Our poor are very great people, very lovable people. We don't know them, that's why we can't love them.
And if we don't love them, we can't serve them. That's why I beg you; try to find your poor here, first in your own home. Don't allow anybody to be lonely, to feel unwanted, unloved, but especially your own, especially your neighbor.

Find somebody to love :o)


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