Friday, June 24, 2011

Katie's Uncle gives her a jaw breaker every morning on the way to school.
On the last day of school her cousin handed her a gift.
It was a red box filled with jaw breakers.

When we go on errands now, Katie pulls out the little red box and finds a jaw breaker.
I ask of a purple one.
The red ones are too spicy.

And then we have a contest.


We suck em until they dissolve completely in our mouths.

At first it is hard not to bite them. But it can be done.

I won yesterday.

And if you think that was obscure?

Check this out.

Something happened last night that was surprising and extraordinary.


I was leaving a comment.

This is not extraordinary. This is ordinary.

But look at the word verification!


I was astonished!

(for those of you don't know this...that is my maiden name)

What is the most extraordinary ordinary thing that's happened to you lately?

Encourage one another,

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