Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Pride goeth before a fall.


Today I have a Photography Tutorial posted on The Pioneer Woman's blog.
It's about taking puppy pictures.

I didn't show this one. Ha!

I think my next tutorial will be called Making Friends with the Blurry Image.

She's getting bigger, isn't she?


You know, I find it very difficult to get a sharp picture with Katie's point and shoot camera.
Man! You have to stand still! And the delay. Oh lordy.
I'm sure the shutter speed, speeds up outside in the bright sun and the pictures will be better.
I hope.
Katie is enjoying her camera and she is experimenting with the settings.
It's pretty neat.


Right on my phone is a photo sharing app called Instagram.
I use it every day. I'm even going to try to do a 365 on it.

Sometimes I think I have told you something here...but I have only shared a picture on Instagram.
I do add the photos to Facebook and Twitter but I am not sure anyone is looking at them...and that is okay.
I enjoy doing it and it actually helps me remember to tell you things.


Like the fact that I made a calendar for myself with Mpix last week.

I got the calendar in two days. It is GREAT!
The quality of the pictures is perfect! The paper is thick.
I chuckle at some of the picture choices...I mean....July is me and Janet. It's a fab picture of us...but the thought that
I will be looking at us for a month is kind of funny!

So it is not too late to gather twelve pictures and upload them to Mpix.

This year, I am going to make a folder in Photoshop and label it 2013 Calendar.
As I take pictures that I love, I will put a copy in the folder. Imagine how easy it will be to make my calendar next year!
All my favorites will be in one place! Woo. I'm so excited.


This reminds me that we went out to Biaggi's on NYE.
We absolutely LOVE the oil and Parmesan and bread.
It's why we go there.
We are also fond of drawing on the paper 'tablecloths'.


This morning the smoke was pink and pretty.
It is 3/365.


Self Portrait for 2012

I think I look like Roger Ebert in this picture.
I like it.


One little piece of business.

The bloggies are here again. If you would like to nominate me or or yourself or a blog you love....

go here:

2012 Bloggies

Cheryl mentioned this in the comments for me yesterday, but I wanted to put it out there...just this once.
Thank you to everyone who has so kindly gone over to the Bloggie Website and nominated me.
That is super nice.

The rest is out of our hands.

Thanks so much for coming here and reading and commenting.
So sad there is not an award for the most wonderful readers!

Encourage one another,

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