Monday, January 13, 2014

Miz Boo's Annual Golden Globe Fashion Awards 2014

What a fun night of watching the Golden Globes and playing around on Facebook during the show.  I love to spout my opinions and it's much more fun sending those words out into the Internet than telling Ginny.

About the clothes, I already know that I have some odd favorites.  Emma 'Facetimed' me last night when I was in bed and we briefly chatted about our faves.  We are not in the same camp ....  except our confusion over Julia Robert's dress.

But here we go.

My favorite dresses were;


This is Monica Potter.  I think she is in the television show Parenthood.  She really looked beautiful to me.



Julia Roberts also looked so beautiful to me. Her dress was like a black strapless dress with a white work shirt underneath.  Designer Dolce Garbonzo beans...Whatever.

Her face and hair are gorge.


What is not to like here?  Taylor Swift in a Carolina Herra dress.  I liked it from the front...wasn't perfection in the back.


Jennifer Lawrence is sneaking up to the stage.  She is a fun girl.


Now.  About this dress.  I LOVE the whole cut and fit of this dress.
The gold things I do not.  Not at all.  But look at the beautiful black dress underneath.
I wonder what could have improved this?
Hey I'd like it better in white with green leaves or something...


Gosh, I love this feminine, pretty dress.  It's silver.  I didn't know that until this morning. It wasn't really seen much on the tube.  But I spotted it and really love it.


Sophia looked wonderful as usual.  I like the full skirt on her.  She usually wears the clingy bottom with that same sweetheart neckline.  I like what Zac Posen is doing lately with his voluminous skirts.
That necklace was a super choice too.


Jennifer Lawrence in a pretty Dior.  Emma didn't care for this...and it reminds  me of something...I don't know what...but I like it.


Lady Mary looked very nice in this pretty dress.


So pretty.  I like all of it except the rose in her hair.  This is Zooey Deschannel


Last Academy awards I picked a dress similar to this one.  I adore these applique flowers.  I love the colors.  Drew's face looks so pretty.  She said she felt so pretty in this dress.  I like that.
I do love it.  (I have already seen it on worst list.)  Not mine tho.


And this may be my favorite.
This is Caitlin Fitzgerald in a dress and shoes by Emilia Wickstead.
To me this is modern and fresh and new.   That color.  The flare of the skirt.
So neat.

Well, look at this.  I just went looking for another picture of Caitlin and I happened upon this picture.


Unknowingly I picked three dresses with this hemline.  If you had asked me, I would not have said I liked this hemline.  But I guess I really do.

Also, I have never heard of Emilia Wickstead before.

But look at this!!!


The Duchess of Cambridge in four Emilia Wickstead dresses.

How about that!?!

It just all comes together doesn't it?

What did you love?
Do you like any of these?
Do you hate any of these?

What would you wear?

XOXO....air kisses



  1. I love the aqua blue dress. And I really like The Good Wife's dress (Julianne M.) Also Sofia V. looks stunning. Not crazy about Drew's look, but maybe it was better when you saw her move in it. I love the connection to the 3 dresses with the special hemline and the Duchess.

    Monica Potter looks gorgeous.

    You have a good eye, Donna! I love your fashion recaps!!! xxx

  2. I do love your choices. I am not totally on board with Caitlin's dress, short sleeves and mock collar sort of put me off, but those shoes... And Julia's dress is, well, I really wanted to like it... I love me a crisp white shirt, but I am not sure it did it for me. There are a couple more I did love~ I thought Margot Robbie's white dress was stunning. And I thought Kerrie Washington also looked amazing in white. Such a tasteful maternity dress. She is one lovely lady.

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Thanks for the fashion recap! A highlight of the awards season for me. :) I agree with most of your choices but did not care for Jennifer Lawrence's dress. Her hair and make up looked darling, however. I agree with Cheryl on Margot Robbie and Kerry Washington - gorgeous!

    Mary Z

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Monica and Zooey are my favorites. I was watching the morning news and apparently the internet is rife with other people wearing a dress like Jennifer's, even a dog. I don't hate it, but it is not my favorite. So much fun to read and see what you like in fashion! love and prayer, jep

  5. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I happen to like Julia Roberts' dress. I think she looks confident and classy yet still glamorous.
    I like most of your picks. I agree with you on the black dress with the gold things. Maybe some black lace on top, instead of the gold stuff? That would be subtle because the dress is fine on its own.
    Some of the dresses such as Zooey's, Drew's or Jennifer's I don't care for in the pictures, but I bet they are lovely in person.
    Thanks for your recap, Miz Boo. Always fun to read. And had fun reading your comments on FB last night.
    I have seen Gravity in the theatre. We watched it in 3D. I thought it was a good movie. It did stress me out. Don't think I want to watch it again. : )

    Happy Monday friends,
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  6. I can tell you exactly what Jennifer Lawrence's dress looked like! Remember in the Little Mermaid when she washes up on shore and Scuttle makes her a dress out of an old sail and some ropes? That's it!! :-D If I knew how to put a picture in the comments, I'd do it, but...

    Also, I thought Tina Fey and Amy Pohler looked gorgeous and did a phenomenal job.

    Now, completely off topic...I have a BBC miniseries recommendation for you!!! You MUST watch North and South (not the American one, but a BBC one from 2004). It is beautiful and heart-wrenching and phenomenal and it has one HECKUVA good looking leading man. Enjoy!!

  7. Hi Beth,
    Yes. I have seen North and South. It's wonderful.
    I have seen the picture of the little mermaid in the sail dress. funny.

  8. I've seen that black dress-white shirt under before... Now who was it.....

    And Donna, do you not watch Parenthood??! It's a very, very special show......

  9. I am pretty much on board with your assessments. Not feeling the Julia Roberts dress. Reminds me of girls in conservative Christian school trying to make a strapless dresses pass at a school function. Just sayin'. :)

  10. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Love all the pretty dresses! I'm with you on most of them. I was lookiing for a posting on Downton last night! What in the world, oh poor Anna ! My heart was hurting for her . Who was that guy anyways? Don't you think Carson needs to know and get the authorities on him?

    I know she is scared that bates will head back to prison cause he will kill him if he finds out, but goodness!

  11. Yup. We will talk Downton tomorrow!

    1. Looking forward to the Downtown chat!

    2. Looking forward to the Downtown chat!

    3. Anonymous10:30 PM

      Sorry, couldn't help myself. See you tomorrow

  12. Anonymous4:08 PM

    So, you get all dressed up and pretty and wear your gorgeous dress and then.....someone with a microphone uses a term describing a female organ and also "b...h" . Instant deflate and sadness. I much prefer to see the Golden Globe Awards through your blog! Thank you for all the pretty dresses. Regards-Jamie

  13. I felt the "V" comment was crude and embarrassing for Leo. The"B" word has a big back story and those of us who love breaking bad would have missed it if "Jesse" didn't say it.
    The award shows are definitely not for everyone...for all sorts of reasons. I'm glad you liked the dresses!

  14. I agree with most of your choices but didn't like Caitlin's blue. (Sorry). I also didn't like Drew's dress. Not sure why - maybe because it was too busy for me. Julia Roberts' left me confused too. I loved Cate Blanchett's dress and I wasn't too crazy about Jennifer Lawrence's either. What a fun show, wasn't it?!

  15. Dawn K6:51 PM

    I thought Tina and Amy looked great (and did great has hosts!). I also loved Lupita ("12 Years a Slave" actress) looked fabulous in her red dress! I thought Emma Watson looked great in an outfit that no one else could have worn--the red dress with the black leggings. For her it worked. Taylor Swift's dress was beautiful. Reese looked great. Michelle Dockery's dress was fabulous! I didn't like Julia Roberts' dress--I agree that it looked like she was trying to cover up a low-cut strapless dress for some odd reason. And Paula Patton would have looked great if her dress didn't have that horrible side ruffle!

  16. LUV Julia Roberts dress!! Modest, but with good taste that never goes out of style!! That I call class.

  17. My favorite was Zoey Deschanel. It is light and airy. Plus, I like the silhouette with the slightly raised front. I could never understand how the women walk with hemlines 2-3 inches longer than their height.
    Didn't understand Julia's dress at all

  18. Late to the party, but you know how I love to spout opinions!

    I liked many of your choices. Probably my favorite of your choices is Monica Potter for the complete look (her hair and jewelry were perfect with that dress) but the fav. dress is probably Zoey's. I would love to see Drew's dress in real life. I better it is gorgeous. FYI: I did NOT even recognize Drew!

    When I scrolled through online pics, favs that you did not mention are Reese (great color on her), Emma Roberts (great neckline on her), and Kerry Washington and baby...what a gorgeous pregnant woman she is! I thought Emma Thompson's vintage dress was fun, and I really liked her hair. But, of course, I do adore Emma.

    Fun to hear your thoughts and see pics.


  19. monica potter looked beautiful . i agree

    Tonight a friend of AL's , is on Chicago Fire as an extra. We can't wait to see her


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