Thursday, January 23, 2014

Movie Reviews with Miz Boo

Hi!   Sorry I'm late.

I was stuck under the dome and couldn't reach the computer.

Naw.  Really I was at the doctor's office.  Yearly check on my kidney stones. They get their picture taken once a year.  They look the same so that's good.  Just hanging out in my kidneys.  As long as they stay put, we're good.


I want to do an official movie update here on the blog.  I have talked about the movies we have seen on Facebook, but I want to put my plug in for the good ones and steer you away from a big stinker here!

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller.
I really liked this movie.  It started out slow but I think it needed to in a show how dull his life was.  I'm sure many of you have read Thurber's short story about Walter.  I know I had to read it in High School.  Walter lives a dull real life but has a fabulous imaginary life.  He turns things around in a big way.  The locations and cinematography are spectacular.  It's worth seeing it just for that reason.  I like the music too.

Watching this makes me want to see it again.

grade: B+

2. American Hustle

Patrick and I sat and stared at the screen and honestly did not laugh once.  The costumes, music and hair were amusing.  But that was all.  The story was scattered and the dialog uninteresting.  Jennifer Lawrence's character is a ditz and she is a little funny.  But I see funnier writing and characters on television every day.

Why this movie is a big hit and gathering awards is a true mystery to me.

If you can explain it to me, I'm all ears.  Honestly.

Could be my funny bone is not sophisticated enough.

grade: D-

3. Enough Said with James Gandolfini and Julia Louise-Dreyfus

This is a sweet love story for the older crowd :o)  It looks at dating later in life and relationships between married couples, friends, and children.  All messy.
I cried when Julia was not nice to James, because he died this year and that makes me sad.
Julia dresses frumpy so she looks like the rest of us which amused me.
Her acting is quite good.  Really quite good.

grade: B

4. August: Osage County with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts and the guy who plays Sherlock and the lady on the Millers and Chris Cooper and Ewan McGregor,  et cetera, et cetera, et cetera....

(this preview gives away less of the story than the other original trailer.)

This movie is about the most dysfunctional family...ever.  It is a Pulitzer Prize winning play made into a movie.   I LOVED this movie.  It was fascinating and interesting and stupefying all at once.
The acting is crazy good; by everyone.  I wanted to see this again right away.  It is that good.
It  is more of a bungee jump than a roller coaster because there is no happy ending...or even happy parts.
Just a sick, pill popping mother and her shattered children.

Well.  That's sounds terrible doesn't it.  But it is was not terrible for me.  I laughed more in this movie than all three of the others put together.

I might think I was crazy but my friend Karen (who I saw the movie with) and Emma both thought it was as great as I did.

It must be the writing and the acting.  The writing is stunning as is the acting.  What a story!

My grade: A+


Now for my delicate readers.  There is swearing in all of these movies...I think.  I am immune to it but I know you are not.

Here is a link to one spot that does a thorough review of such things;

 Kids in Mind website

So there ya go.  My opinions.

Please tell me if you saw any of these and if you liked them or didn't.
I seriously want someone to explain to me what is funny about American Hustle and why it is winning awards.
( Again...Awards season and I stand scratching my head.)

Encourage one another,

P.S.  It was not snowing this morning on the way to town.  Thanks for your prayers.


  1. We love Mitty!!

    I want to see The August Osage….:)

  2. Have not seen any of them, but I tend to have similar taste (with that noteable Hobbit blind spot you have, Donna Elsie.) Saving Mr. Banks? I hear that is very good. I may need to wait for DVD, though. Cannot seem to find time for the theater these days.


  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Yay for both a good report from the doctor and for a snow-free commute!!!

    From the movies you've reviewed, I've only seen August: Osage County and loved it, too. Such tortured characters and such fabulous acting!

    The other movies I've seen in the last few months have been hits with me as well-- Philomena, Saving Mr. Banks, Frozen and The Book Thief. I loved them all, cried through them all and would look forward to seeing them all again.

    There are so many films I'd like to see before the Oscars, but I doubt there's time to fit them all in. :)

    Mary Z

    1. I want to see all these, Mary - and must wait for them to come here. Except Frozen; it's here but I'm not sure I want to spend the dough to see it.

      I loved reading The Book Thief and am especially excited to see it on the big screen :-)

    2. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Susan, I don't think you'll be disappointed!!
      Mary Z

    3. I loved the Book Thief as a book, but I just can't imagine how it will translate as a movie, what with the book being written from the perspective of Death. I loved the book so much that I don't want to be disappointed in a movie version. I take heart in hearing that you think it was worth it.

    4. {{{LIKE}}}

      My feelings exactly - I trust Mary so am feeling encouraged :-)

  4. I want to see ALL of those!!! Must make a plan. Guess what I'm not the tiniest bit interested to see Wolves of WS. Are you?

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      No, not interested in W of WS either! I've heard so many good things about Nebraska, so that's next on my list, followed by Walter Mitty and Her.

      Mary Z

  5. I liked the Secret Life of Walter Mitty....agree that the beginning was a little ho hum....but had a purpose.
    I can't wait to see August: Osage County...and these too: Philomena, Saving Mr. Banks, and The Book Thief. I would also like to see Her. Has anyone seen it?
    I loved Enough Said.
    Haven't seen American Hustle and probably won't now after reading your review. My daughter saw it and didn't particularly like it either.

  6. Saving Mr. Banks and Frozen were DEFINITELY my favorites this winter. Mr. Banks is such a beautifully done movie and Emma Thompson did a SUPERB job. And I loved that all of the voice actors did their own singing in Frozen. I mean, who doesn't love Idina Menzel (FYI, she played Elphaba in Wicked)?! I still want to see Philomena and Book Thief and Osage County. Couldn't agree with you more about American Hustle and I have no desire to see Wolf of Wall Street...I heard it averages one f-word every 30 seconds...for 3 hours!! So not necessary in my humble opinion.

    1. I had feeling The Wolf of Wall Street would be *racy* but oh. My. Word...I was shocked! It was over the top, straight up vulgar. And even so, I didn't really dislike it because I genuinely think Leo is a fantastic actor, and I did laugh quite a bit. It was a bit much, and very long.

  7. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I didn't care for August:Osage County. Maybe it hit too close to home for me. I didn't find Meryl Streep to be a likeable character, although, I thought her acting was phenomenal. Granted, neither of my siblings are hooking up with a half sibling, and neither are going through multiple marriages, but, the mother bit...yeah, it hit too close to home for me. So, I wasn't a fan. And I didn't like the ending either. I think it left too much hanging.
    Kris Schwarz

  8. AGREE AGREE AGREE about American Hustle. My friend and I almost walked out. I don't get the hype either. Awful.

    Frozen is fabulous (one of the best Disney movies released in recent years IMO) and Philomena was such a sweet story. Loved them both.

    Walter Mitty is next on my list.

  9. Anonymous2:06 PM

    So happy for a snow free commute today. They say we will get some frozen rain tonight. It has been misty and windy and cold so far today.
    We don't go to the movie theatre, so really appreciate your suggestions from the movie rows. And, thank you for the web site…looks really good. I am bookmarking it.
    Of all the movies you mentioned I think we would like Mitty the best. It got terrible reviews in the local paper and we always seem to like what they don't like. They loved American Hustle, so we won't be seeing that at all. Stay warm QLCS and you too Donna. love and prayers, jep

  10. Yeah Kris. That would be rough.

  11. I've only seen two movies this winter, Frozen and Saving Mr. Banks. Thanks for the reviews. I'll have to add to the long, long list.

  12. I totally agree about American Hustle it stank. I recently saw Dallas Buyers Club which was very good. I can see why both actors are up for awards. They were awesome. I also saw lone surviver again very well done. I did see Gravity as well and am not sure why sandra Bullock got the nomination. This past weekend i saw the W of WS and it was WAY better than AH. but the language drug use and nudity left me wondering if nothing is sacred anymore. I was shocked at what they put on screen nowadays and trust me I am not a prude. With that said i did enjoy it. Still want to see August thats the only one besides possibly Her before oscar night.

  13. I saw August Osage County last weekend and did not really care for it. Just a couple days in the lives of a REALLY dysfunctional family. Actually very sad and the language? We are all adults and a few F-bombs may be over looked but I think they were unnecessary and spoiled it. Plus there was no end!

  14. I saw August: Osage County. I blogged about it here -

    It was intense, the acting superb, I felt like we had just watched Julia Roberts unfold her masterpiece. Its was a movie that has taken me some time to recover from.

  15. I have not seen any of these movies, but want very much to see August; Osage County. Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts? Count me in! Besides - any movie about severely dysfunctional families helps put my own (extended) in perspective. :-)

    We are getting prepared for the great Icepocolpyse of 2014 with THE POSSIBILITY OF SNOW! Sorry for the shouting, but it is exciting news around the Texas Gulf Coast. But then, we are home-bound as my husband recuperates from unexpected surgery and can stay inside!

  16. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I personally enjoyed American Hustle. It reminded me of The Sting. I was not at all a fan of Osage County. It reminded me of a daytime soap opera, and although I love Meryl and Julia, I thought their performances were way over the top. To me, this was probably a wonderful dramatic play that didn't translate well onto the silver screen. I agree with you on Walter Mitty, good movie! But my favorite of all was Saving Mr. Banks. I love Mary Poppins, and was fascinated with the story of Pamela Travers. And I thought Emma Thompson was fantastic in the role. Patti Paczkowski

  17. Thanks Patty. The ending reminded me of the sting too. The very end was my favorite part.

  18. Havent seen any of these, but value your opinion.

    Remember Ordinary People (1980)? How does it compare to Osage: August County?

    1. The family in Ordinary People kept their feelings/pain inside. They were so reserved.
      The family in Osage Co. is the opposite. They are out of control and wear their pain on the outside!

  19. Judy Dench. Meryl Streep. Julia Roberts. James Gandolfini,. Julia Louise-Dreyfus. Chris Cooper. Ewan McGregor. Emma Thompson (to name a few mentioned here). All great actors ... they are worthy of being nominated for their current (and past performances). Have not seen any of these movies but I WOULD (and will via Netflix when available) strictly because of their acting credibility. So much of what comes out of Hollywood these days is complete trash ... rare when a film rises to the top anymore. So much money spend in production of garbage that we usually seek out foreign films (yes, we'll read the dubbing at the bottom of the screen) or documentaries.

    1. We watch a lot of documentaries too, but I'm on my own with the foreign films. Have you watched The Intouchables? I loved it so, so much.

  20. So glad it wasn't snowing. As for movies, I always trust your opinion because I believe we have similar tastes in movies. I wanted to see Walter Mitty and now I really want to see it. Thank you!

  21. I agree with your assessment of all the movies - except I didn't "hate" American Hustle but, like you, I really didn't get how it is getting so many awards. I am not a great Ben Stiller fan and was afraid he would ruin Walter Mitty for me but I liked the movie. Especially because we are going to Iceland in April to explore my husband's family roots. The movie got me excited about seeing the country.

    1. Oh my goodness!! Going to Iceland! How exciting!! I have a dream of going to Iceland!!

    2. ICELAND! It's on my bucket list, too!!! Someday ...

    3. Yes we are all very excited. We are going with two of my husband's siblings and their spouses and have connected with a few Icelandic relatives that they have never met so it will be exciting. I am in charge of planning tours and activities - mostly because I like doing that and I like being in charge! :) There are so many things to see and do I can hardly wait.

  22. I want to see all of the movies listed. Espiecally August:Osage County and Philomena. Even American Hustle because I really do want to see what all the hype is about. Wolf of Wall Street looks interesting but I will need to prep myself for the vulgarity. I really love Jonah Hill I thought he was great in Money Ball with Brad Pitt. He surprised me and I want to see what he can do in this. I will probably have to wait to see all of these until they come out on DVD or Netflix though. With two young kids we never seem to make it out much.

  23. The Cowboy and I are headed to the movies tonight for our once a month date night. He wants to see American Hustle, and I wanted to to see Osage County but I know he would NEVER go for it. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was on my list too...maybe if I show him your review I'll win the debate ;)

  24. He won, lol it was American Hustle. I have to admit that I wasn't as thrilled with it as I was hoping. I was more than a little lost with all the twists and turns but I can see why Jennifer Lawrence is up for an Oscar! She was so different from her other characters, that lady can act!


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